TV series, 1987-1994

Christian series for children, featuring Bible stories, life lessons and a fantasy character named Zet. The stories were illustrated in real time by artist Ron Berry. The episodes alternated between Afrikaans and English.


Production summary: 

Premiere date:

4 January 1987




Afrikaans; English


Children and youth; Religion; Educational television; Puppets

Number of episodes:


Production company:



Hannes Gildenhuys


Hannes Gildenhuys

Cast and Crew: 

Noel GloverPresenter, 1987-1988
Heidi van GassPresenter, 1987-1988
Warwick GreenwayPresenter, 1988
Trudi SloanePresenter, 1988-1994
Org SmalZet
Janet GreenZiti
Ron BerryArtist

Theme song: 


Note: this list is incomplete


Episode: "Jona Vlug Weg"
Original air date: 4 January 1987

In the first episode, Heidi meets a strange little creature in the attic. After he falls in the sink and has to be rescued by Heidi, she tells the story of Jonah, the prophet who tried to run away. There's also a competition question: Why did Jonah try so hard to run away?

Episode: "Zet Also Wants to Shave"
Original air date: 11 January 1987

Zet sees Noel shaving and has a lot of questions. Later, he tries to shave himself and everything ends up covered in shaving cream. Noel tells the story of Stephen, who wasn't ashamed to be recognised as a Christian.


Episode: "Lot en die Stede van Sodom en Gomorra"
Original air date: 3 January 1988

Heidi and Zet celebrate the first anniversary of when they met. She's baked a beautiful cake, but as always Zet is too impatient to wait for his piece. He also makes coffee for the first time and it tastes horrible. Heidi tells the story of Abraham, Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Episode: "Jesus Stuur sy Dissipels uit om sy Woord te Verkondig"
Original air date: 17 January 1988

Zet is going to school for the first time. Heidi is worried that the other children will tease him for being so different, but when Zet comes home he is only interested in doing his homework, not in telling Heidi anything about his day. So Heidi tells us about how Jesus sent his disciples to spread the good news.


Episode: "Zet Soek 'n Woonplek"
Original air date: 1 January 1989

Zet is in a bad mood and is teasing his sister endlessly. Trudi thinks he's unhappy because they're looking for a new place to live. Then Zet disappears - did he go to find a new home?

Episode: "Ziti en Trudi Pak In"
Original air date: 15 January 1989

Ziti and Trudi are packing, and Zet is visiting the farm.


Episode: "Zet and Trudi are still on Holiday"
Original air date: 28 January 1990

Zet and Trudi are still all holiday, even though the rest of us are back at school!

Episode: "Nehemia"
Original air date: 18 February 1990

Zet is jealous of Ziti's piano lessons and sabotages the piano. We hear the story of how Nehemia rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.


Episode: "Zet's Table Manners"
Original air date: 6 January 1991

Zet has terrible table manners. When Trudi tells him that he eats like a caveman, he imagines that he's a real caveman.

Episode: "Zet Goes Camping in Eastern Transvaal"
Original air date: 13 January 1991

Zet goes camping - but he pitches his tent near a "No Camping" sign.


Episode: "Dependance on God"
Original air date: 5 January 1992?

One night, the children wake up and beg to hear a scary story. Afterwards they're too scared to sleep, and have to learn that we're dependant on God.

Episode: "'n Familie Deel"
Original air date: 12 January 1992

Ziti is giving her doll a bath and refuses to let Zet use the bathroom. She has to learn that families have to share! There's a story about Ruth and Naomi.


Episode: "Dieretuin"
Original air date: 14 March 1993

Trudi is at the zoo, looking for a substitute for Zet. We hear the story of Creation and how God made everything because He wanted to, not because He had to.

Episode: "Zet, Zut and Ziti in the Bedfordview Library"
Original air date: 11 April 1993

Zet, Zut and Ziti are still at the Bedfordview Library. We hear how God planned everything in the universe very carefully.


Original air date: 2 January 1994

Zet and Ziti swop their chores, and we hear about what happened after the birth of Jesus.

Original air date: 9 January 1994

Zet, the private detective, is gathering some clues to solve a mystery. We hear about the three wise men.


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