Valley of the Vines

TV series, 1982

Series based on Joy Packer’s novel, set on the wine estate Dieu Donne in the Constantia Valley. Young Roxanne’s mother fights for the French Resistance during the Second World War. To keep her daughter safe, she sends her to the old family estate, Dieu Donne. This is then where Roxanne grows up and becomes involved with two men, farm manager Thinus and English journalist Hal. Meanwhile, Granny Con, the aristocratic matriarch of the De Valois family, has to do all she can to save the estate from greedy town developers.

The series was shot around Stellenbosch, including at the Blaauwklippen manor.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

4 January 1982






Historical drama; Based on book

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Karat Films; SABC


Hans Kühle

Based on:

novel by Joy Packer

Cast and Crew: 

Elaine ProcterRoxanne
Hermien DommisseGranny Con
Terry NortonMerle
Richard LoringGuy Masterson
Nic van RensburgThinus
Paul DitchfieldHal
Joseph RibeiroKrifti
Leslie RichfieldSolly
Erica RogersBella
Bill CurryJoshua


Episode 1: "A New Life"
Original air date: 4 January 1982

War breaks out in Europe and to keep her safe, young Roxanne Williams’ mother, who works for the French Resistance, sends her to the De Valois family estate in the Constantia Valley. Granny Con welcomes her with open arms – but will the rest of the family be as accepting?

Episode 2: "The Spook"
Original air date: 11 January 1982

Roxie, now 15, is surrounded by Granny Con and Thinus’ love. When Lizzie sees a ghost, chaos breaks out among the superstitious staff.

Episode 3: "The Ballerina"
Original air date: 18 January 1982

Granny Con must make a decision that will influence the lives of everybody on Dieu Donne.

Episode 4: "The Ultimatum"
Original air date: 25 January 1982

Granny Con is forced to borrow money from town developer Krifti.

Episode 5: "Nostalgic Journey"
Original air date: 1 February 1982

Roxie receives an invitation to visis her uncle Chris in England. This is a good opportunity to learn more about her own background.

Episode 6: "The Homecoming"
Original air date: 8 February 1982

Hal tries to persuade Roxie to stay, but to no avail – her life is on Dieu Donne with Thinus and Granny Con.

Episode 7: "Abdication"
Original air date: 15 February 1982

Finale. Hal’s arrival awaken Roxie’s emotions – and Thinus’ jealousy.


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