Uz Adibalz an Fings

TV series, 1979-1980

Childen's series about different animals and their habits and characteristics. Each week Zoot tells a story about a different animal friend, including Ted Tadpole, Fred Frog, Doby Dog, Absentminded the kitten, Horsely Horse and Vitamin B and Buzzy the two busy bees. The characters were made of cardboard and were manipulated by black-clad puppeteers against a black background.

In 1980, a spin-off was broadcast: in Zoot's Rooty Toot Toot Show, Zoot presented his own pop music show.

Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings
Uz Adibalz an Fings

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

14 December 1979






Children and youth; Animation

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Roelna Louw


Roelna Louw

Translation of title:

"Us animals and things"

Cast and Crew: 

Voice artist
Annabel Linder
Erica Rogers
Mel Miller
Roelna Louw

Roelna LouwDirector; Writer
Mike AylmerGraphic art
Fusi RosochackiGraphic art
Roger BashewMusic; Manipulator
Clarabelle van NiekerkManipulator
Jenny KirschManipulator
Ann BailesManipulator
Paul de PlessisStudio crew
Albert MinnaarStudio crew
Rudi le RouxStudio crew
Barry CoetzeeStudio crew
Piet SaaimanStudio crew
Johan EsterhuyseStudio crew
Lindsay MartynFloor manager
Dennis SwartFinal mix
June WilsonProduction assistant

Theme song: 


Episode 1: "Tadpole Ted"
Original air date: 14 December 1979

Zoot tells the story about Tadpole Ted, whose biggest ambition was to become a big fat frog with strong legs and a big mouth. One day, Ted feels ill and his tail falls off. His best friend Felos Fish explains that he is growing into an adult frog. Ted changes his name to Fred Frog and sets off to discover the world outside the water.

Episode 2: "Fred Frog"
Original air date: 21 December 1979

Fred Frog is very lonely. His friend Felos Fish encourages him to find a hopping companion. He asks Clucky McDuck, Betty Bird, Major Tortoise and Lowdown the Snake, but nobody wants to hop with him. While Fred is singing a sad song to himself, mrs. Owl appears and tells him about Gracia Grasshopper, who loves to hop as much as Fred does. Fred is delighted and hops off to meet Gracia. They decide to hold a hopping race and invite all the animals to come watch.

Episode 3: "Best Bee Friends (part 1)"
Original air date: 28 December 1979

Vitamin B and Buzzy are two hard-wroking bees. While they are busy buzzing around, feeding the bee eggs, the lazy drones sing a song. After meeting the queen, Vitamin B and Buzzy sneak past the hive guards to go look at the beautiful spring day – but then they come across Wicky Wasp and have to hide.

Episode 4: "Best Bee Friends (part 2)"
Original air date: 4 January 1980

Zoot continues his tale of Vitamin B and Buzzy. While buzzing around the flowers, they notice Tooty the Fieldmouse on his way to steal some honey. They warn the hive in time, and Tooty is chased away. The next day, Vitamin B stuffs his pollen bag too full and gets stuck. When he eventually frees himself, he and Buzzy realise that they’re lost... Luckily a friendly firefly gang comes to their rescue and they set off for the hive – but not before they meet Bruth Bear.

Episode 5: "Bruth Bear"
Original air date: 11 January 1980

Bruth Bear asks his best friend, Tiny, to marry him. Tiny explains that little birds don’t marry big bears, but promises to help him find somebody to marry and they set off together. After being turned down by Doby Dog and Absentminded the kitten, Bruth finally meets Sweetlips, a lady bear who loves honey as much as he does. It’s love at first sight for the two bears, who walk away arm in arm, singing a love song.