Takkie se Wêreld

TV series, 1979

The magical adventures of a young boy, Takkie Vermeulen, his good friend Max Finkelstein, and Tappie Tapyt, the clumsy bear that represents Takkie’s conscience.

Takkie se Wêreld

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

7 July 1979






Children and youth

Number of series:


Number of episodes:



George Canes

Translation of title:

"Takkie's World"

Cast and Crew: 

Schalk de la QuerraTakkie Vermeulen
Louw VerweyMax Finkelstein
Anna Cloete 
Babs Laker 
Percy Sieff 

George CanesDirector
Chris LovellSet building


Episode 1: "Die Towerlamp"
Original air date: 7 July 1979

When Takkie discovers what he believes is a magic lamp.

Episode 2: "Die Goue Lokval"
Original air date: 14 July 1979

Takkie grapples with the concept of tradition. The secret love of two elderly people is hampered by Victorian tradition and at the same time, Takkie’s friend Stephan must choose between patriotism and self-interest.

Episode 3: "Boetman"
Original air date: 21 July 1979

Takkie’s parents can’t afford to give Takkie a little brother, so he uses his magic lamp to get one. But then life gets very complicated for him and his friends.

Episode 4
Original air date: 28 July 1979

A strange character named Hunch wants to make Takkie his mascot.

Episode 5: "Die Nagreis"
Original air date: 11 August 1979

Takkie meets Paul, a cyclist on the run from his strict upbringing as well as a gang.


  • Image from: Inez Steyl, Waarom is Lieftallige Tappie so Lelik? Radio en TV Dagboek, 20-26 Augustus 1979, pp.48-49.