TV series, 1980-1981

Action series following the adventures of a special police task force as they combat urban terrorism.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

20 November 1980






Action and adventure; Police drama

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Elmo de Witt Films


Elmo de Witt


John Cundill; Brian O'Shaughnessy; De Waal Venter; Joe Stewardson; Leslie Walters; Kobus Louw

Translation of title:

"Task force"

Cast and Crew: 

Main actorCharacter
Rod AlexanderCharlie Boyce
Danie JoubertEben Louw
Zack du PlessisAt Uys
Will RobertsCaptain Rheede
Brian O'ShaughnessyCol. Sean O'Meara
Koos StraussGen. Venter
Elizabeth ArcherJana
Sybil CoetzeeRina
Sam WilliamsWilly-Boy
John Zimmerman"Die Jakkals"
Albert RaphaelBennie Singh


Episode 1
Original air date: 20 November 1980

We meet the members of the special anti-insurgency task force. While on holiday in Durban, our two heroes, Charlie Boyce and Eben Louw, come up against weapon smugglers.

Episode 2: "Stof is Jy"
Original air date: 27 November 1980

The task force is called in to investigate strange funerals on a farm where there have been no deaths.

Episode 3: "Goud"
Original air date: 4 December 1980

Captain Rheeder and his men must pull out all the stops to capture an international gang who’ve hijacked a truckload of gold.

Episode 4: "Tydbom"
Original air date: 11 December 1980

The task force must save businessman Hein Volker from a sophisticated time bomb.

Episode 5: "Die Jakkals"
Original air date: 18 December 1980

Charlie and Eben take Rina and Jana to the agricultural show. Rina and Charlie are just starting to hit it off when Eben recognises “Die Jakkals”, who had been arrested a few years earlier for conspiring against the government. Eben is convinced that he hadn’t come to the show to look at the cattle...


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