Stories van Bergplaas

TV series, 1986

Youth series about the children of Bergplaas. Braam and Grietjie love to play with the workers' children and together they experience a lot of adventures.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

15 April 1986






Children and youth; Drama series; Based on book

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Karat Films


Hermien Dommisse


Hermien Dommisse; Alba Bouwer

Based on:

The book by Alba Bouwer

Translation of title:

"Stories from Bergplaas (Mountain Farm)"

Cast and Crew: 

Rigard DiedericksBraam
Lulu Strachan  
Anthony Wilson
Bill Curry
Tilla Diedericks
Paul Luckhoff
Christo Pienaar
Bennie Cronje
Mark Fowler
Jerome Hartogh
Kirstin Kotzenberg
Chico Levy
Adam Persent
Joachim Scholtz
Eartha Vos
Johannes van Niekerk 

Hermien DommisseDirector; Writer
Alba BouwerWriter
Suzelle EksteenMusic
Tygerberg Children's ChoirTheme song


Episode 1: "Wegkruipertjie"
Original air date: 15 April 1986

Braam, an old man, thinks back to his childhood on the family farm, Bergplaas. As children, Braam and his twin sister Grietjie enjoyed playing with the workers' children. One day, they played hide-and-sick and Braam hid in a wooden chest in Hans Boesman's room. But then the lid slammed shut and Braam couldn't get out. While Grietjie and the other kids looked for Braam, he was struggling for breath in the small chest. Eventually they found him, but they were convinced that Braam had been enchanted by Hans Boesman.

Episode 2: "Die Geveg"
Original air date: 22 April 1986

Braam and his grandson, Braampie, are on their way to Sadewee in the district of Bergplaas. Braam remembers another incident from his childhood: In the mornings, he and Grietjie would drive to school with the neighbours' children. One of them, Giel, wasn't very smart and didn't like school. He also didn't like the workers' children, particularly Willem Houtmens. One day, Giel goaded Braam to hit Willem, who didn't even try to defend himself. That night, Willem's father told Braam about the fight, and Braam's dad gave him a choice: either he could get a hiding, or he had to go apologise to Willem. Braam chose to ask forgiveness and had to walk to Willem's house. Alone in the dark, Braam's fear was a good punishment for his bad behaviour.

Episode 3: "Antjie Somers"
Original air date: 29 April 1986

Braam tells his grandson about Antjie Somers. When they were children, one of the workers, Oom Warie, always told Braam and Grietjie about Antjie, who caught children who lied to their parents. One morning, Braam and Grietjie were busy laying fresh manure on the stoep. The rooster kept leaving footprints on the stoep and out of frustration, Grietjie threw a broom at him. The children decided to lie about how the rooster died - but then Grietjie saw Antjie Somers and decided to tell the truth.

Episode 4: "Kersfees"
Original air date: 6 May 1986

Braam thinks about Christmas on Sadewee. Nankie always woke him up early on Christmas Eve to help with the preparations, especially with all the cakes and tarts that had to be baked. His father would give the workers something special to drink. But they would also hear about the true meaning of Christmas, and in the evening the workers would come and sing carols and have cookies and cooldrink at the house.

Episode 5: "Die Lam Kind"
Original air date: 13 May 1986

Braam and his grandson finally arrive at Sadewee. Braam tells him about the time they had to help Warie clean the cellar. But Braam, Grietjie and the workers' children were playing more than working and finally got chased out by Warie. So they played that Braam was lame and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. The children sang sad songs and Grietjie cried over the tragedy. Braam got so caught up in the game that he started imagining himself paralysed for real, but then Warie gave him such a big fright that he quickly found his legs again.

Episode 6: "Die Nuwe Skoene"
Original air date: 20 May 1986

Braam and his grandson visit Willem Houtmens, now a professor at the university. Braam tells his grandson about the time Willem got new shoes. The children on the farm had to collect acorns for the pigs. For every basket of acorns they would get some money. Afterwards they would all sit under the trees and talk about what they would buy with their money. Willem really wanted a new pair of shoes - one that hadn't been worn by anybody before. Then, one day, Willem saved Dingetjie from a snake, and Braam gave him all his acorn money for new shoes. Later, Braam also helped pay for university.