TV series, 1985

Youth series set at a boarding school. The hero is Franco Russos, deputy headboy and the school's star athlete. Life is not easy for Franco: not only does he come from a poor family, but Afrikaans teacher Skellie has taken a serious disliking in him. Then there's also Herkie, a difficult boy in standard 8 who holds a grudge and has sworn to make as much trouble as possible. It's not all bleak, though, as Franco finds romance and friendship.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

3 September 1985






Drama series; Children and youth

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Sias Odendaal


Leon van Nierop

Translation of title:

"School Farm Stories"

Cast and Crew: 

Rufus SwartFranco Russos
Johannes SlabbertSkellie
Hugo TaljaardHerkie
Hanrie van der MerweSandra
Neels EngelbrechtRichard
Stoffel van WykAlfons
Elmarie Kruger
Sean du Preez
Michael Conradie
Almerene Visser
Koos Eloff
Theunis van Rooyen
Marie Human 


Episode 1
Original air date: 3 September 1985 

Herkie, a troublemaker in Standard 8, steals a chocolate. Franco catches him and Herkie swears to give Franco a lot of trouble in the coming year. We also meet the other students at the school as well as Mr. Steyn (better known as Skellie), the new Afrikaans teacher and athletics coach.

Episode 2
Original air date: 10 September 1985

As usual, Franco goes for an early morning run. Bankies, a childish matric girl, runs after him. She idealises Franco and wants to join him on his jogs. When Skellie sees the two together, he jumps to the wrong conclusion and Franco and teacher start the year off on the wrong foot. Meanwhile, Herkie hasn't forgotten the incident with the chocolate and has sworn revenge. He ransacks Franco's room, which causes Franco to be late for athletics practice. Skellie is furious and chases him off the field.

Episode 3
Original air date: 17 September 1985

One night, Franco sees Herkie threatening Alfons with a knife. Skellie sees the confrontation and assumes that Franco is bullying Herkie. On top it all, Franco is receiving letters from a secret admirer. She promises to reveal her identity if he meets her at the swimming pool. But before she can do so, Sandra also arrives at the pool.

Episode 4
Original air date: 24 September 1985

It's weekend. Otto, Herkie's friend, tries to slip in at the film theatre, but the manager notices. In the ensuing chase, he gets hit by a car. Otto thinks the man is dead and, fearing that he'll be arrested for murder, runs to Herkie's house. But his friend refuses to help him and sends him away. Back at school, Herkie spots Otto in the bushes.

Episode 5
Original air date: 1 October 1985

Herkie hides Otto in the store room at school, knowing full well that he faces expulsion if the principal finds out. Skellie is still picking on Franco, and the other matric boys decide to intervene. They dig a mudhole and lead the unpopular teacher right into it. Meanwhile, Franco discovers Otto. He forces the boy to phone his parents, but he doesn't reveal Herkie's secret.