Sagmoedige Neelsie

TV series, 1984

Mini-series about the gentle-hearted Neelsie and his endless trouble with his stubborn and incompetent fellow man. "Sagmoedige Neelsie" was an alter ego of C.J. Langenhoven, and the series was based on the fantasies and stories of this famous Afrikaans author.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

13 March 1984






Drama series

Number of series:


Number of episodes:



Manie van Rensburg


Johan van Jaarsveld

Based on:

Stories by C.J. Langenhoven

Translation of title:

"The Gentle Neels"

Cast and Crew: 

Cobus RossouwNeelsie
Annelize van der RystVroutjie
Karin RetiefEngela
Ernst EloffOom Stoffel
Marga van RooySoetlief
Jannie GildenhuysOom Watwo
Emile AucampKootjie
Meex Xteenmunicipal constable
Pierre Knoesenshop assistant  
André Rossouwmayor
Roger Dwyermagistrate
Limpie Basson
Ben ClanckenbergVan der Bijl
Louise Mollett-PrinslooMrs. van der Bijl


Episode 1
Original air date: 13 March 1984

Episode 2
Original air date: 20 March 1984

A bankrupt circus arrives in town and announces an auction of all their animals. As a joke, Neelsie places a bid - but then he wins and a terrible thing happens.

Episode 3
Original air date: 27 March 1984

The learned and intelligent Neelsie demonstrates his exceptional abilities,

Episode 4
Original air date: 3 April 1984

It's become high fashion to speak English, regardless of how well you can actually speak it. Stoffelina van der Byl has even gone as far as making her and her husband's names more English, and she decides to hold a very English party.

Episode 5
Original air date: 10 April 1984

Neelsie receives a court summons for Engela's debt. His day is spoilt and he decides to make the magistrate and lawyer pay.

Episode 6
Original air date: 17 April 1984

Engela is organising a big concert with a play, singing, dancing and recitals. The fuss gets too much for Neelsie, who sets off with Herrie the elephant harnessed to a train.