Mulwana La Mmutla

TV series, 1982

Maqiti Mmutla the rabbit owns a film production company. Together with his two friends, Malekelle Mosha the scatterbrained meerkat and Moletsi Nakedi the musical skunk, he makes educational films for children. But despite their serious business, this threesome is everything but dour, and their escapades made the children laugh while they learn.

Mulwana La Mmutla
Mulwana La Mmutla

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

5 January 1982






Children and youth; Educational television; Puppets

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Louise Smit Productions


Louise Smit

Translation of title:

"Rabbit and friends"


Episode 1: "Dipapadisabana"
Original air date: 5 January 1982

Toys. We meet the rabbit and his friends, and in today’s film, we see how a doll is made.

Episode 2: "Dipotloloto"
Original air date: 12 January 1982

Pencils. Today’s film shows how pencils are made. But first Matekelle Mosha has to run around to find the right film, which makes Maqiti very nervous. While all this is going on, Moletsi Nakedi is happily making music.

Episode 3
Original air date: 19 January 1982

Potato chips. Maqiti would love to show a film about potato chips, but the projector is giving lots of trouble. The film breaks, and Maqiti thinks it’s Matekelle who pressed the wrong button.

Episode 4: "Thutswana Tsa Mollo"
Original air date: 26 January 1982

Matches. When there’s a power outage, Maqiti once again blames Malekelle. But Malekelle’s the one who solves the problem, and all is well as we watch tonight’s film about matches.

Episode 5
Original air date: 2 February 1982

Malekelle stops to eat his sweets and chat to the children – but Maqiti is already waiting for him in the projection room!