Mof en Mat

TV series, 1988-1994

Children's series about the adventures of Mof the mutt, Mat the cat and their neighbour Boelie the bulldog, or "Boelie die Breker van Brakpan". When their owners aren't there, the three friends get up to lots of mischief.

Mof en Mat
Mof en Mat
Mof en Mat
Mof en Mat

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

9 June 1988






Children and youth; Puppets

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

The Little Film Company


Roelna Louw


Roelna Louw

Translation of title:

Mof and Mat

Cast and Crew: 

Gerry BlameySeries 1
Lizz MeiringSeries 1
Brendan GrealySeries 1
Linda du ToitSeries 1
Rory AvenstrüpSeries 2
Pierre NeethlingSeries 2
Chris VorsterSeries 2
Graham BurtonSeries 2
Henriette RedelinghuysSeries 2

Voice artistsCharacterSeries
Tobie CronjéMofSeries 1
Lizz MeiringMatSeries 1
Bill FlynnBoelieSeries 1
Don LamprechtProfSeries 1
Lida BothaOunooiSeries 1
Pierre Neethling Series 2
Joanie CombrinkMatSeries 2
Chris Vorster Series 2
Limpie Basson Series 2
Hannie Pienaar Series 2

Roelna LouwScript; Director; MusicSeries 1-2
Linda van den BerghScriptSeries 1
Howard BashewProducer; ProductionSeries 1-2
Terry AsburyAssistant directorSeries 1
Gavin JoubertAssistant directorSeries 2
Danny AntillMusicSeries 1-2
Roger BashewMusicSeries 2
Lindsay LipsonProduction managerSeries 2
Awie BosmanExecutive producerSeries 2

Theme song: 


Series 1

Episode 1: "Mof Kry 'n Maatjie"
Original air date: 6 September 1988

Prof. and Ounooi tell Mof the dog that he is getting a new friend. The next day, he meets her: it's Mat the cat. At first they want nothing to do with each other, but after a while they become friendly. Mat shows Mof how to play the violin.

Episode 2: "Nuwe Bure"
Original air date: 13 September 1988

A big lorry arrives next door, and Mof and Mat go to investigate. They meet Boelie, a big bulldog. He thinks he's top dog - and Mof doesn't like this one bit.

Episode 3: "Boelie Praat Groot"
Original air date: 20 September 1988

Mof and Mat find Boelie playing happily in their sand pit. Mof is furious, but he knows it would be a big mistake to try and fight the bulldog. Boelie boasts about being a well-known TV dog, and Mat is completely taken with him. But he has a secret - he's terrified of heights.

Episode 4: "Daar's 'n Muis in die Huis"
Original air date: 27 September 1988

While Mat is doing her exercises, Mof enters with a giant sandwich. Mat leaves to make her own sandwich, and discovers huge holes in the cheese. She and Mof are convinced it's the work of a mouse and they make plans to catch the culprit, with Boelie's help.

Episode 5: "Die Groot Vis"
Original air date: 4 October 1988

For their wedding anniversary, Prof has bought Ounooi a goldfish. Mat can't keep her eyes off Frimmel the Fish. When Mof's asleep, she slips into the house to play with the fish - but then the bowl breaks, and she tries to save Frimmel by putting him in the bird bath. Mof is furious when he finds out, but he comes of with a plan.

Series 2

Episode 1: "Ons Trek Kaap Toe"
Original air date: 5 August 1994

Mof and Mat are moving to the Cape. Boelie storms the moving van, thinking that the movers are busy robbing his neighbours. The three friends play hide-and-seek, but eventually Mof and Mat depart and a very sad Boelie has to stay behind.

Episode 2: "Mat Loop Weg"
Original air date: 12 August 1994

Mof won't share his sandwiches with Mat, and she decides to leave home. She hides in Sarel's dry cleaning delivery van, and when he drives off, Mof has to go rescue.

Episode 3: "Boelie Kom Kuier"
Original air date: 19 August 1994

Boelie phones and tells Mat that he's going to send himself to the Cape via airmail.

Episode 4: "Boelie Trek In"
Original air date: 26 August 1994

The three friends decide that Boelie should stay in Oubaas' town house. Mof and Mat find Boelie's teddybear, and when the two dogs start fighting over the bear, Boelie punches Mof. Boelie and Mat discover a photo of Mof's mom. Mof loves his mom - and Boelie loves his teddybear.

Episode 5: "Rugby of Tjaikofsky?"
Original air date: 2 September 1994

Mof and Boelie make a giant sandwich to eat while they watch the rugby. But Mat and Frimmel the fish want to listen to Tchaikovsky. The friends fight - and the remote ends up in Frimmel's bowl. They decide to dry the remote in the oven and when Ounooi finds it there, she blames Oubaas.