Miss Candida

TV series, 1982

Comedy series about a very English lady who shakes things up in the very Afrikaans town of Brakkiesfontein. After the death of her father, miss Candida Wilbur-Browning decides to leave England and to settle in a small town in the Transvaal, where her brother runs the police station. She is shocked to discover that her new hometown is an out-of-the-way ghost town with no more than a handful of inhabitants. But it doesn’t take this English lady to start organising everybody to clean up and fix the town, especially after her brother lands in hospital and she stands in as police commissioner. She even renames the town to “Dogstown” and hoists the British flag at the police station. Instead of alienating the townsfolk, however, her charm and fair sense of justice quickly makes her a firm favourite.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

23 August 1982







Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Karat Films


Hans Kuhle


Karin F. Meil; Hazel Adair

Cast and Crew: 

Claire MarshallCandida Wilbur-Browning
Peter ElliotCharles Wilbur-Browning
Graham ArmitageFindlay
Clive ScottDr. Partridge
Gabriel Baymanhotel manager
Willem LootsCurly Crump  
Anthony ChaseHennie  
Philip van der Byl 
Ian Yule 
Ann Shaw 


Episode 1: "An Uneventful Journey"
Original air date: 23 August 1982

The very British miss. Candida Wilbur-Browning comes to settle in the very Afrikaans Brakkiesdorp.

Episode 2: "Dogstown Station"
Original air date: 30 August 1982

Charles proudly shows off his town to Candida – but to her shock she discovers that it’s little more than a ghost town with old buildings and only a handful of inhabitants.

Episode 3: "A Stranger Calls"
Original air date: 6 September 1982

Candida is trying her utmost to clean Dogstown up, while Charles has to get a certain thief behind bars.

Episode 4: "There's No Smoke"
Original air date: 13 September 1982

A travelling journalist surprises bandits busy attacking another traveller. The villains run off, but the journalist doesn’t come off scot-free.

Episode 5
Original air date: 20 September 1982