Mina Moo en Kie

TV series, 1987-1991

Puppet series about a friendly cow, Mina Moo, who owns a popular dairy in Klokkiesvlei. Her assistant and deliveryman, Karring Straatkat, may look like an average cat, but he has a useful trick: after just one sip of milk, he turns into superhero Karring Ramkat. With Karring at her side, Mina is able to deliver milk to the locals, especially Kappertjie Crèche, Laerskool Gousblom and Aandblom retirement home – all this despite the best efforts of Bak and Terie, two dirty and sly germs who would do anything for control over Mina Moo’s dairy. Mina’s other friends are Tessie, a little girl from the creche; Mika who comes all the way from the planet Mikon to buy milk; Mikon’s king Miek; and Stinkie the little skunk. The series was sponsored by the Dairy Board and was also dubbed into Northern Sotho and Zulu.

Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie
Mina Moo en Kie

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

29 September 1987






Children and youth; Puppets; Educational television

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Kinnor Ateljee


Louise Smit


Louise Smit

Translation of title:

"Mina Moo and Co."

Cast and Crew: 

Voice artistCharacter
Annette EngelbrechtMina Moo
Tobie CronjéKarring Straatkat / Karring Ramkat
Alewyn LeeBak
Lochner de KockTerie
John RothmanMika
Anne-Marié MullerTessie

Louise Smit (as Louise Pretorius)Writer; Concept; Director
Gigi StrydomCo-writer
Betsie du ToitAssistant director
John RothmanSinger of theme song
Laurel WiidSinger of theme song
Hansie VisagieVisual design
Adrian KohlerVisual design; Puppet manipulation
Wayne HaySound
Peter CollardSets and models

Theme song: 

Music and Lyrics: 

Theme song

Mina Moo, Mina Moo, Mina Moo en kie.
Mina Moo, Mina Moo, Mina Moo en kie.

Mina het ‘n blinkwit melkery
waar ons lekker melk kan kry.

Karring is ‘n flukse gemmer straatkat
na ‘n glasie melk is hy ‘n ramkat!

Mika se planeet is baie ver
anderkant die maan en blink soos ‘n ster.

Ons twee kalante is Bak en Terie
niemand kan ons streke keer nie.

Mina Moo, Mina Moo, Mina Moo en kie.
Mina Moo, Mina Moo, Mina Moo en kie.


Series 1

Episode 1: “Mina Moo in Gevaar”
Original air date: 29 September 1987

While Bak and Terie are plotting to spoil Mina Moo’s milk, a strange spaceship lands next to them. They meet Mika, who came to buy a cow for his planet Mikon. Bak and Terie see their golden opportunity and decide to sell Mina  - but they haven’t reckoned with Karring Straatkat.

Episode 2: “Bak en Terie Kan Niemand Keer’ie”
Original air date: 6 October 1987

The people of Mikon are very advanced, but they have one big problem: the pill diet they’ve had for 1000 years is not nutritious enough. They need milk! Bak and Terie are desperately trying to get their paws on Mina Moo’s milk products, to sell to Mika in return for gold. Once again, Karring STraatkat has to save the day.

Episode 3: “Mina Moe en kie ontmoet Mika”
Original air date: 13 October 1987

By now, Mika is getting weaker from the lack of milk. Bak and Terie plan to catch him and steal his gold without giving him the promised cow. But Karring arrives just in time, and he takes Mika to the milk factory. Here Mika meets Mina Moo, who tells him all about the power of milk. He also meets Tessie from Kappertjie Creche and they all become great friends. Bak and Terie try again to catch Mika, but Tessie puts butter on the floor and the two germs slip and fall.

Episode 4: “Die Kaping”
Original air date: 20 October 1987

Bak and Terie hijack Mika’s spaceship. They want to exchange it for the gold, but they don’t know how to fly it and the ship almost crashes. Mika lands the ship with his remote control, Bak and Terie are caught and the first shipment of milk is soon on its way to Mikon!

Episode 5: “Tessie in die Moeilikheid”
Original air date: 27 October 1987

Mika gives Tessie a special doll. Its name is Meet, and Tessie can use it as a radio to communicate with Mika. So when Bak and Terie try to kidnap Tessie for a ransom, she uses Meet to call Mika for help. Karring takes a sip of milk and as Karring Ramkat he teaches the germs another lesson.

Series 2

Episode 1: “Die Maanlanding”
Original air date: 13 September 1988

The people of Mikon have become healthier and better looking from all the milk. Meanwhile, Bak and Terie are back on earth.

Episode 2: “Koning Miek kom kuier”
Original air date: 20 September 1988

King Miek the Thousandth of Mikon comes to earth to pay Mina Moo and company a visit. Things go very wrong when the king and Mina Moo take a ride in a hot air balloon.

Episode 3: “Foto's vir Fiksheid”
Original air date: 27 September 1988

Mina Moo and her friends are very excited: their photos have been taken to Mikon, where they will hang in King Miek the Thousandth’s throne room!

Episode 4: “Die Melk-Olimpiade”
Original air date: 4 October 1988

Mina Moo decides to have a big dairy festival, but Bak and Terie have new plans to spoil the milk olympiad.

Episode 5: “Die Gemaskerde Mirakel”
Original air date: 11 October 1988

Bak and Terie challenge Karring to a duel. King Miek will even come to watch the fight. Who will win – the Masked Miracle or Karring Straatkat?

Series 3

Episode 1: “Stinkie Muishond”
Original air date: 30 September 1989

Bak and Terie meet Stinkie Muishond and plot to use the little skunk to chase Mina Moo from her dairy.

Episode 2: “Die Akteur”
Original air date: 7 October 1989

Mina Moo employs two out-of-work Shakespeare actors as deliverymen. But when Karring catches them stealing the dairy products they’re supposed to deliver, it turns out that it’s just another disguise.

Episode 3
Original air date: 14 October 1989

Episode 4: “Klinkklaar Katkos”
Original air date: 21 October 1989

Bak and Terie put a sleeping pill in some special cat food for Karring. But even if they get rid of one of their enemies, they still have to reckon with Mika and his laser pistol.

Episode 5: “Fantasiefees”
Original air date: 28 October 1989

Mina Moo organises a fantasy festival. She dresses up as Snow White, Tessie as Little Red Riding Hood with Stinkie as her little wolf, Karring is Puss in Boots and King Miek is Snow White’s prince. Everybody has a lovely time, until two of Snow White’s dwarves start making mishief.

Series 4

Episode 1: “Die Natuurliefhebbers”
Original air date: 11 October 1990

Kind-hearted Mina Moo donates milk to the little elephants whose mothers were killed by poachers. But it turns out that the two game rangers who asked for the donations are none other than Bak and Terie, who use the donated milk to start their own business!

Episode 2: “Kaasprobleem”
Original air date: 18 October 1990

Mina Moo’s diary has run out of cheese, and Bak and Terie grab their chance to get rid of Karring. They dress up as Mr. Gertjie Gouda and kidnap Karring.

Episode 3: “Mannewalis op Mikon”
Original air date: 25 October 1990

There’s great excitement in Klokkiesvlei: everybody’s been invited to Mikon for a big party and concert. During the concert, Bak and Terie steal the milk and gold, but with Stinkie’s help, Karring manages to show the two uninvited guests who’s boss.

Episode 4: “Mika en die Magneet”
Original air date: 6 November 1990

Tessie shows Stinkie how magnets work. This gives Bak and Terie a bright idea – they use the magnet to catch Mika and steal his spaceship. Then they give Karring a sleeping pill. It seems that all is lost for our friends, until King Miek arrives with his royal spaceship and its strong laser beams.

Episode 5: “Melk en Bome”
Original air date: 8 November 1990

Mina Moo and her friends are very concerned about the environment. Tessie explains to Stinkie how recycling paper can save trees and Mina gives all her clients a little tree in a milk carton. Bak and Terie disguise themselves as Messrs. Tower and Lower and offer to deliver the trees to Mina’s clients. When they give the clients khaki bush instead of trees, it threatens to ruin Mina’s reputation and destroy her business.