TV series, 1986-1992

Educational series about the friendly and inquisitive alien Mannemarak, who visits our planet once a week to learn more about the earth and its inhabitants. His mission is to make films for his friends back home, and with the help of his faithful computer Kompie, he learns about what he sees outside his tiny spaceship. Mannemarak is also a hungry little alien, and after his learning sessions here on earth, he quickly sets off again to make sure he doesn't miss supper back home! The first series focused on animals and their habitats, but the second series turned more to humans and the things that keep them busy. The second series also introduced a new friend, Zero.


Production summary: 

Premiere date:

18 February 1986






Children and youth; Puppets; Educational television

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Ria Human; Pieter Esterhuizen


Hansie Visage; Ria Human; Lochner de Kock; Willie Esterhuizen; Pieter Esterhuizen

Translation of title:

Play on the word "Kameraman" (cameraman)

Cast and Crew: 

Voice artistCharacter
Rina NienaberMannemarak (Series 1-2)
François StemmetKompie (Series 1-2)
Johan van der MerweZero (Series 2)

Crew: Series 1
Hansie VisagieConcept and design; Writer; Manipulation
Lochner de KockWriter
Ria HumanDirector; Writer
Linda PretoriusProduction secretary
Roger BashewTheme song
Clarabelle van NiekerkTheme song
Bernita KukkukPuppets
Mike OlivierPuppets
Antoinette SnymanManipulation

Crew: Series 2

Pieter Esterhuizen

Director; Writer

Willie Esterhuizen



Theme song: 

Music and Lyrics: 

Opening theme song

Mannemarak is my naam
ek kom ver van hiervandaan.
Met my ruimteskip, oud en gebreek
besoek ek die aarde een maal 'n week!

Chorus: Op my planeet wil ons alles weet
en wat ek weet sal ek nooit vergeet.

Op enige plek kan ons twee land
en verfilm die aarde van hoek tot kant.
As die nood druk kan ons vinnig verdwyn
want ek en my skippie is baie klein.

Chorus (x2)

O, sjoe!

Closing theme song

Ek is bly, bly bly.
Kyk hoe gly, gly gly
ek verby die sterre in die ruimteruim.

Op en af, heen en weer!
Kom ek doen dit weer 'n keer,
verby die sterre in die ruimteruim.


Series 1

Episode 1: "Flaminke"
Original air date: 18 February 1986

Mannemarak and his little spaceship visits the earth for the first time. They encounter a flamingo and learn more about the bird’s habits, characteristics, diet and procreation.

Episode 2: :"Die Leeu"
Original air date: 25 February 1986

Mannemarak makes a successful landing on a tree trunk. He’s very impressed with himself, but then he gets distracted by a loud noise. After a lot of guessing, he finally learns that the sound comes from a lion.

Episode 3: "Die Krokodil"
Original air date: 4 March 1986

Mannemarak and Kompie lands behind a big, long tree trunk next to a river. But then he gets a big fright: the trunk is really a big dragon with sharp teeth!

Episode 4: "Die Skilpad"
Original air date: 11 March 1986

Mannemarak is in a great hurry. He doesn’t want to miss supper, so he’s really hoping to quickly film an animal on earth and return home. But he has no idea how slowly a tortoise moves!

Episode 5: "Die Olifant"
Original air date: 18 March 1986

Mannemarak once again lands next to a huge tree – this one has a thick trunk, huge leaves and some peculiar thorns. Or does it?

Series 2

Episode 1: "Groen Longe"
Original air date:

Mannemarak and Zero discovers the parks in our towns and cities.

Episode 2: "Dolfyne"
Original air date:

Mannemarak and Zero land in the sea, where they get up close to some dolphins.

Episode 3: "Van Mielie tot Pap"
Original air date:

Mannemarak and Zero land in a pot of mieliepap and want to know more about the strange white stuff.

Episode 4: "Pappegaaie"
Original air date:

Mannemarak and Zero learn more about parrots.

Episode 5: "Teater"
Original air date:

Today, Mannemarak and Zero find out more about the world of the theatre.