Het van Verlangekraal

TV series, 1984

Mini-series about an intelligent but difficult young girl struggling to overcome her poor and abusive background.

Het van Verlangekraal
Het van Verlangekraal
Het van Verlangekraal
Het van Verlangekraal
Het van Verlangekraal

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

12 July 1984






Drama series; Based on book

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Kasteel Films


Fred Nel


Leon van Nierop

Based on:

The novel by Johann Bekker

Translation of title:

"Het of Verlangekraal"

Cast and Crew: 

Sally CampherHet Heiberg
Emgee PretoriusMr. du Plessis
Schalk JacobszMr. Erlank
Lida BothaMrs. Heiberg
Tromp Terre'blancheFloors Heiberg
Miems de Bruyn 

Annemarie Müller



Episode 1
Original air date: 12 July 1984

We meet Het Heiberg, a troubled teenager constantly in trouble at school for her out-of-control behaviour. The vice-principal, Mr. du Plessis, realises that she is really acting out for the abuse she suffers at home. He also knows that she is particularly intelligent and tries his utmost to get her on the right track. But the new school principal, Mr. Erlank, doesn’t agree with Du Plessis’ loving hand and it doesn’t take long before he and Het have their first clash.

Episode 2
Original air date: 19 July 1984

Tension runs high as Erlank and Du Plessis cannot agree on how to deal with Het. Du Plessis is convinced that corporal discipline will have no effect on a girl who deals with daily physical abuse, while Erlank believes that she doesn’t deserve any love and patience. When Het steals a doll and lies about it to Erlank, he gives her a big hiding. Her father takes the matter to the school board.

Episode 3
Original air date: 26 July 1984

Finale. In her rage, Het Heiberg vandalises Mr. du Plessis’ classroom. But instead of punishing her, he treats her with kindness. It seems as if he’s finally getting through to her when tragedy strikes: a girl drowns in an area where Het is frequently seen. Mr. Erlank is unshakable in his decision to send Het to a reform school, and also ensures that Mr. du Plessis gets transferred to another school.


1984 Artes Awards

  • Award for best actress in a drama series (Sally Campher)