TV series, 1983

Action-packed children's series. Secret agent cat Ferdinand van Oranje receives his missions from a voice over his pocket radio. Though we never see his mysterious boss, we can rest assured that he will be there when Ferdie needs help. Ferdie's nemesis is Meesterbrein, who is just as mysterious as Ferdie's boss: all we ever see of the fiend are his two hands. He leaves the real dirty work to his two sidekicks, Rotbeen and Skiergesig, who never miss a chance to make life difficult for Ferdie and his clever assistant, Katinka.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

17 May 1983






Children and youth; Puppets

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

ERA Productions


Anne Bailes; Esmé Solnick


Jenni Barnett; Alison Solnick; Jan Pohl

Cast and Crew: 

Voice artist

Annette Engelbrecht

Cobus Robinson
Don Lampbrecht
Zack du Plessis


Anne Bailes


Esmé Solnick

Jenni BarnettWriter
Alison SolnickWriter

Jan Pohl


Hansie Visagie



Episode 1: "Pisa"
Original air date: 17 May 1983

Special agent Ferdinand van Oranje gets his new mission: to prevent Meesterbrein and his sidekicks Skuinsgesig and Rotbeen from blowing up the Tower of Pisa. Ferdie's niece Katinka escapes from her carers to come and lend him a hand.

Episode 2: "Kammaland"
Original air date: 24 May 1983

Ferdie is awarded the Order of the Orange Cat. But before he receives his medals, Katinka spots the two villains Skuinsgesig and Rotbeen at the ceremony. Ferdie suspects that they're involved with the distribution of counterfeit money and manages to thwart Meesterbrein's plans once again.

Episode 3: "Egiptiese Avontuur"
Original air date: 31 May 1983

Archaeologist Professor Strompel is excavating a royal tomb in Egypt. Then he disappears, together with a sceptre that was in the grave. Ferdie and his niece spring into action to rescue the professor.

Episode 4: "Glaskoningin"
Original air date: 7 June 1983

Skuinsgesig and Rotbeen are trying to steal a little statuette of a glass queen from a beauty consultant named Tant Doris. As it happens, Ferdie and his niece pay a visit to the same Tant Doris and manage to outwit the two thieves with a hair dryer and a pepper pot.

Episode 5: "Petrolpyplyn"
Original air date: 14 June 1983

Ferdie finds out that a petrol company hasn't received the petrol it had ordered. He goes undercover as a sailor on the SS Antenne and thwart the mission of Skuinsgesig and Rotbeen once again.


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