TV series, 1988

Puppet series about the Kapoene, who lives in Pampoenland (Pumpkin Land), a mischief-making dragon called Droendraak, his two henchmen Tor and Slak, and the clever hero Poenie, who always saves the day.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

7 June 1988






Children and youth; Puppets

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Production company:



Dalene Kotzé


Episode 1: "Die Pampoenfees"
Original air date: 7 June 1988

Droendraak sends Tor and Slak to find out why the Kapoene are so quiet. The Kapoene is planning a feast, but they have to keep Droendraak away or he'll spoil everything.

Episode 2: "Die Pampoenkarresies"
Original air date: 14 June 1988

Droendraak wants to take part in Kapoenland's pumpkin car race. He sabotages Poenie and Pieta's cars.

Episode 3: "Die Pampoenspook"
Original air date: 21 June 1988?

Droendraak is terrorising Mientjie and Fientjie, because he wants the golden pumpkin that Mientjie won at the pumpkin car race. He finally gets his hand on the pumpkin, but Mientjie and Fientjie go ask Poenie for help to get it back.

Episode 4: "Heuning vir die Prinsie"
Original air date: 28 June 1988

The little prince is sick and the only thing that will help, is honey. The king asks Poenie to get some honey from the queen, but Droendraak takes it from him.

Episode 5: "Die Boorgat"
Original air date: 5 July 1988

Poenie uses pumpkins to mark the spot where they have to dig for water. Slak and Tor move the pumpkins, but then Droendraak unwittingly moves it back to the original spot - with catastrophic consequences.