TV series, 1987

Youth series about the people of a small rural community. Rus en Vrede is a sleepy little town until the arrival of the Landman family, who is weighed down by the debt left after the father's death. At first, the introverted Dawid Landman gets targeted by the local bullies, but he wins them over and they become best friends. He also meets Linda Retief, who takes him to her secret hiding place - a place called Dreunkrans.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

12 May 1987






Drama series; Children and youth

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Alexander Productions


Alwyn Swart


Paul C. Venter

Cast and Crew: 

Eugene KelfkansDawid Landman
Jacques FourieHugo Smuts
Pagel KrugerHans de Boer
Scot Scott
Julie Strijdom 
Amor Tredoux 
Claudia Turgas 
Nico Liebenberg 


Episode 1
Original air date: 12 May 1987

The Landmans arrive in Rus en Vrede to start a new life after the death of the father. Dawid Landman's life is made difficult by the town bullies, a gang called "The Three". Eventually they convince him to join their gang, but first awaits a terrifying baptism of fire.

Episode 2
Original air date: 19 May 1987

Dawid is saved by Linda Retief. Meanwhile, station master Hans de Boer expects a visitor who should help him to win the gardening competition. Bessie Landman draws attention from reverend Chris Walters and the teacher, Mr. Buys.

Episode 3
Original air date: 26 May 1987

Linda takes a ride in a ghost train, and shows Dawid her secret discovery. Chris Walters thinks he's got the best person for Hans' garden, but his suggestion isn't met with enthusiasm.

Episode 4
Original air date: 2 June 1987

Hugo Smuts, trying to make friends, is lead astray by The Three. Dawid finds a new job and Bessie gets a special invitation. A funeral is held at Dreunkrans and Hugo meets someone interesting.

Episode 5
Original air date: 9 June 1987

Hugo's problem has been solved, but he still has a confession to make. Dawid is still in trouble, but he and Linda come up with a clever plan. The Three have to pay dearly for a prank on Hugo.

Episode 6
Original air date: 16 June 1987

An anonymous phonecall creates big problems. Bessie chooses the right man and Hugo takes his revenge on The Three. The best winter gardens get judged. Hans has a horrible experience and Dawid also faces disaster.


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