Doffel, Babbel en Bekkie

TV series, 1986

Educational series in which Doffel, Babbel and Bekkie learn about things like shapes, big and small, loud and soft, similarities and differences, going to the dentist and many more. They often get visits (and gifts) from their good friend Tjoefie.

Doffel Babbel en Bekkie
Doffel Babbel en Bekkie
Doffel Babbel en Bekkie
Doffel Babbel en Bekkie
Doffel Babbel en Bekkie

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

29 April 1986






Children and youth; Educational television; Puppets

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Sonneblom Films


Roelna Louw


Roelna Louw

Cast and Crew: 

Dana NiehausTjoefie
Pierre van Tonder
Hugo Taljaard
Liz Meiring 

Voice artistCharacter
Tobie CronjéDoffel
Amanda StrydomBabbel
Annelisa WeilandBekkie

Roelna LouwWriter; Director; Music
Katinka HeynsConcept and idea
Clarabelle van NiekerkConcept and idea; Music
Roger BashewMusic
Dianne GuessMasks
Lee MurgatroydCostume design
Dixie CollettProduction assistant
Ian WaltersProduction leader

Theme song: 


Episode 1: "Lank en Kort"
Original air date: 29 April 1986

Doffel, Babbel and Bekkie are measuring each other to see who's the tallest and the shortest. Tjoefie comes to visit and he brings plants and seeds to plant. The next day they're hard at work in the veggie patch.

Episode 2: "Eenders en Anders"
Original air date: 6 May 1986

Bekkie and Babbel page through a scrapbook to see which pictures are the same. Tjoefie arrives with a basket full of delicious fruit, and he explains that some fruit look exactly the same. Doffel gets tired of all this "same and different" business and decides to be a dog.

Episode 3
Original air date: 13 May 1986

Uncle Gert invites Doffel, Babbel, Bekkie and Tjoefie to visit him on the farm. There they see big and small animals. Doffel tries to catch a piglet for Babbel, but he lands upside down in the pig sty!

Episode 4: "Kleure-Kleure"
Original air date: 20 May 1986

Babbel and Doffel are lying on the lawn and chatting about colours. When they begin to argue, Bekkie has to step in. Doffel and Babbel decide to paint pictures instead - but then Doffel gets into trouble when he walks across Babbel's wet picture.

Episode 5: "Die Verfkompetisie"
Original air date: 27 May 1986

Babbel is invited to take part in a paint competition. The big day arrives, and he wins - but then he's to shy to collect his prize!