Die Swart Kat

TV series, 1986-1995

Youth series about a young boy’s secret crime fighting adventures. Borrie Veldt seems like any other 12-year-old boy. He watches the A-Team, reads comic books and fights with his older sister, Rienie. At night, however, Borrie takes his BMX, slingshot and sister’s black ballet stockings and, disguised as Die Swart Kat (Black Cat), he solves the crimes that baffle his detective father. He always leaves his calling card on the scene in the hope that Die Swart Kat will get recognition for his daring and brilliance. Unfortunately, the card never gets discovered and to Borrie’s great frustration, the honour of catching the villains usually goes to the young and dashing detective sergeant Kobus Bril, Rienie’s boyfriend and a great hero in the Veldt household. The series was based on the popular stories and books by Chris Sassner.

Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat
Die Swart Kat

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

2 September 1986






Action and adventure; Children and youth; Based on book

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Brigadiers; Leisure Co.


Bromley Cawood


Cor Nortje; Hein Eksteen; Johan Bernard

Based on:

The stories by Gert Basson (as Chris Sassner)

Translation of title:

"The Black Cat"

Cast and Crew: 

Main actorCharacterSeries
Christo NiehausBorrie Veldt; aka Die Swart KatSeries 1-2
Ruan MandelstamBorrie Veldt; aka Die Swart KatSeries 3-4
Kerneels CoerzenDetective Veldt  Series 1-4
Annette EngelbrechtMrs VeldtSeries 1-3
Elize CawoodMrs Veldt Series 4
Michelle BotesRienie Veldt Series 1
Clara JoubertRienie VeldtSeries 2
Henriëtte de VilliersRienie VeldtSeries 3-4
Visser du PlessisKobus BrilSeries 1-2
Dehan LiebenbergKobus BrilSeries 3-4
S.J. KokHansieSeries 1
Cornelis van der WaalHansieSeries 3
Kees SnijdersAlwynSeries 1-2
Lourens van NiekerkAlwynSeries 3
Thea Potgieter Series 1
Le Brun Rossouw   Series 1


Guest actorEpisode
Abert Maritz“Skelms by die Skool”
Alan Trenoweth"Die Ontvoerders, Deel 2"
Alida Theron“Die Fortuinvertelster, Deel 1 & 2”
Amateia Meyer“Die Ontvoerders, Deel 1 & 2”
André Jacobs“Die Fortuinvertelster, Deel 1 & 2”
Andre-Jacques van der Merwe“Van Verliefdheid”
Annalie Venter“Die Popsterre”
Annalise Bosch“Die Ontvoerders, Deel 1 & 2”
Anne Engelbrecht“Rienie word Filmster, Deel 2”
Anneli Ackron“Skelms by die Skool”

Bromley CawoodDirector
Albie VenterProducer, series 1-2
Cor NortjéWriter, series 1-2
Hein EksteenWriter, series 3-4
Johan BernardProducer, series 3; Writer, series 4
Chris SasnerOriginal characters
Glen BosmanAssistant director
Nic PickardMusic
BrigadiersProduction company, series 1-3
Leisure Co.Production company, series 4

Theme song: 


Series 1

Episode 1: “Die Klouterdief”
2 September 1986

A burglar is targeting the more affluent houses in town and the police are baffled by his methods. How does he manage to carry all the tools he needs without getting caught? And where will he strike next? Borrie finds a clue and the Swart Kat investigates.

Episode 2: “Die Bankrowers”
9 September 1986

Borrie is almost knocked over by a speeding security van. When he hears that two men have hijacked a security vehicle in front of the bank, he decides to investigate. He follows the suspects to a warehouse and manages to lock them up in their own van – just in time for the police to arrive.

Episode 3: “Rienie word Filmster, Deel 1”
16 September 1986

Con artists Smith, Elma and Hall come up with an elaborate plan to rob a jewellery store: they will pretend to shoot a movie scene of a robbery and then pull off the real one! To make the film seem legitimate, the fake production company hires a local girl as an actress – and the new star is Borrie’s sister, Rienie. But Borrie's suspicions are soon roused when he recognises the "Italian director" as the Afrikaans man he accidentally knocked over in the street.

Episode 4: “Rienie Word Filmster, Deel 2”
23 September 1986

Die Swart Kat, who knows exactly what the Smith gang is up to, follows the thieves. He hides in the ambulance used to kidnap Rienie and switches the stolen diamonds with little lead balls. Tense moments follow, but our hero manages to rescue his sister and to catch the thieves.

Episode 5: “Die Brandkasdief, Deel 1”
30 September 1986

Spook Goosen, an infamous thief, has been in jail for three years. So when a new thief uses the same methods to steal R600,000 over two weeks, the police are baffled.

Series 2

Episode 1: “Geld wat stom is”
10 September 1987

Johnny Matthee is released after 15 years in jail. Before he went to prison, he buried a million rand in an open field – but when he and his friend Elise want to uncover the money, they find that the open field has since been built up. Johnny and Elize start their treasure hunt, which leads them to a Mrs Smit’s backyard. On their trail is two old colleagues who are also looking for the money.

Episode 2: “Die Beskermers”
17 September 1987

A gang offers “protection” to small business – those how don’t pay, get mysteriously damaged. Borrie comes across such a vandalised business on his way to the hairdresser, and decides to investigate. His excellent detective work saves a factory and helps the police to put the villains behind bars.

Episode 3: “Die Maskerbal”
24 September 1987

Episode 4: “’n Plan Maak ‘n Boerdery”
1 October 1987

Episode 5: “Die Diereliefhebbers”
8 October 1987

When Alwyn’s dog disappears, Borrie does some detective work. He suspects that a gang has been operating in town – they steal pets and return them for the reward. Borrie suggests that Alwyn’s dad should put an ad in the paper promising a big reward. When the thieves bring back the dog, Die Swart Kat will be ready for them.

Series 3

Episode 1: “Kat aan die Stert beet”
1 October 1991

Borrie is on the trail of a notorious criminal, “Die Nar”. Things get complicated when he realises that he knows the criminal.

Episode 2: “Lappe en Grappe”
8 October 1991

Borrie sees a poster advertising the exhibition of an Egyptian mummy. When he tries to sneek a peak before the exhibition, he realises that something’s not quite right.

Episode 3: “Dwelms en Dollas”
15 October 1991

Borrie has a new-found interest in science. He visits Rienie’s new boyfriend, Jacques, at his lab. When the lab’s work turns out to be less innocent than everybody thinks, it’s time for Die Swart Kat to strike again.

Episode 4: “Om ‘n Renjaer te Wees”
22 October 1991

Borrie wants to buy a F1 kart. To raise the money, he decides to start a farm. When he arrives at the pig farm to collect his livestock, he discovers some hidden car parts. Die Swart Kat investigates.

Episode 5: “Van Verliefdheid”
29 October 1991

Borrie falls in love with the new girl in class, Cato de Wet. Then she gets abducted and Die Swart Kat has to come to her rescue.

Series 4

Episode 1: “Speurder van Staal, Deel 1”
19 January 1995

Professor Enkelman and his two assistants, Maks en Mini, have built a fantastic robot, meant to be the best crime fighter of all time. The professor refuses to give any of the credit for Zorro to his assistants. Then it turns out that he has his own plans for Zorro: to infiltrate and corrupt the world’s police forces.

Episode 2: “Speurder van Staal, Deel 2”
26 January 1995

Maks and Mini overhears one of Enkelman’s phone calls and discover the true purpose behind Zorro. At the big demonstration of Zorro’s abilities, Maks sabotages the robot, and Ben Veldt and Die Swart Kat manage to thwart the professor’s evil plans.

Episode 3: “Riek, Rienie en Rol”
2 February 1995

The new sensation in South African pop music, Riek Rabie and the Cat Girls, are performing at school and Rienie, who organised the concert, falls in love with the singer. One of the ex-band members, Josh, tries to sabotage the performance, but Die Swart Kat steps in.

Episode 4: “Die Haweloses”
9 February 1995


Episode 5: “Die Jagter Word Gejag, Deel 1”
16 February 1995


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