Die Sonkring

TV series, 1991-1993

Drama series about a woman who seems to bring tragedy and misfortune to those close to her. At the end of their matric year, three school friends - Maryna, Karen and Dina - visit a fortuneteller. What starts as good fun takes an ominous turn when the seer fortells tragedy in all three their lives - and all caused by Maryna, "the dark one". While Dina doesn't hold much stock to the prophecy, it threatens to ruin Maryna's friendship with Karen. In the years that follow, it indeed seems that misfortune surrounds Maryna as her and her friends' lives are beset by accidents, suicide, betrayal, revenge and even murder. There is also a good dose political intrigue as Maryna's husband (Karen's former fiancé Neil MacDonald) gets involved with the influential and corrupt steel magnate Alwyn Dressler. In the second series, Maryna goes to jail after taking revenge on Dressler for Neil's death. Will she ever escape the fortune teller's prophecy and will she find love and happiness?

Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring
Die Sonkring

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

15 August 1991






Drama series

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Scholtz Films


Jan Scholtz; Bob Riley


Jan Scholtz

Translation of title:

"Parhelium" (literal)

Cast and Crew: 

Anna-Mart van der MerweMaryna du PlessisSeries 1-2
Henriëtta GryffenbergKaren HattinghSeries 1-2
Chantell StanderDinaSeries 1
Nan HamiltonDinaSeries 2
Elma PotgieterFortunetellerSeries 1
Philip MoolmanNeil McDonaldSeries 1
Trix PienaarAntie DotSeries 1-2
Paul EilersGerberSeries 1-2
Pieter de BruynDresslerSeries 1-2
Trudie TaljaardNelmarie VermeulenSeries 1-2
Cobus RossouwDirk du PlessisSeries 1-2

Jan ScholtzWriter; Producer; Director (Series 1)
Bob RileyDirector (Series 2)
Helena HettemaTheme song
Francua RoosMusic
Dave AenmeyPhotography; Lighting (Series 1)
Tobie SwanepoelPhotography; Lighting (Series 2)

Theme song: 


Series 1

Episode 1
Original air date: 15 August 1991

Three high school friends visit a fortuneteller. There's Karen Hattingh, from a well-off family; Dina, whose father works for the railways; and Maryna du Plessis, whose father is their unreasonably strict maths teacher. The fortuneteller warns Dina and Karen of the "dark woman" who will bring sorrow to their lives. When it's Maryna's turn to see her, the seer recognises the young girl as the very same "dark woman" and tells Maryna that her life will be full of misfortune and tragedy. The prophecy upsets Karen a great deall

Episode 2
Original air date: 22 August 1991

Maryna's father refuses to accept her relationship with Werner, who is Dina's twin brother. His nastiness towards Werner turns into an ugly fight.

Episode 3
Original air date: 29 August 1991

Werner, who has been suspended and not allowed to go to the matric farewell, arrives on his motorbike. Dirk du Plessis sets off after him, and Werner crashes his bike.

Episode 4
Original air date: 5 September 1991

It's a few years later. Dekker gets involved with an illegal car trade. Dina discovers Maryna's poems and Antie Dot takes it to the publishers.

Episode 5
Original air date: 12 September 1991

Series 2

Episode 1
Original air date: 29 July 1993

After the death of her husband, Maryna MacDonald has a nervous breakdown and goes to a psychiatric hospital. After two months, the newspaper can't afford to keep her on as editor of the Woman's section, and Gerber has to decide her fate at the newspaper. Meanwhile, the report that Neil was preparing for the State President, in which Dressler's corrupt dealings will be revealed, has gone missing. Dressler hires Valken to find the report  - and to use whatever means to do so, even murder.

Episode 2
Original air date: 5 August 1993

Episode 3
Original air date: 12 August 1993

Maryna confronts Nelmarie over Fred Bouwer's attitude towards Henry. Dressler warns Maryna to stop her investigation. His allegations about Neil upsets her.

Episode 4
Original air date: 19 August 1993

With Maryna's help, Gerber comes to the conclusion that Dressler is involved in a hit list. Maryna discovers her dad in a desperate conditions.

Episode 5
Original air date: 26 August 1993

The police releases an identikit of the mysterious 'Major van Dyk." Karen keeps Dressler informed about Maryna's movements, and Valken follows her to the Cape.


  • 1994 Artes Award for Best Actress for Sonkring II (Anna-mart van der Merwe)


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