Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

TV series, 1984

Puppet series about the Pikkewouters and their quest to find the land where there are no pesky Slakkelange. The location of this far-off land is a secret and can only be solved if you have all three parts of the riddles. The guardians of the riddles are the Koggeljaan, the Spinnelak and the Krokkenoster, and the Pikkewouters set off to visit these three creatures. The adventures of Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn were continued in a sequel called Avonture in Amper-Stamperland (1985).

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

17 July 1984






Children and youth; Puppets

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Dalene Kotzé


Marié Heese

Based on:

The children's books by Marie Heese

Translation of title:

"The Pikkewouters of Almost-Almost Land"

Cast and Crew: 

Voice artistCharacter
Tobie CronjePokkelwyn
Ellie OsmersPikketoos
Elma KrynauwThe Feeks
Zack du Plessis
Mike Heine
Magda van Biljon
André Jacobs
Mariette Engelen
Patrick Mynhardt 

Dalene KotzeDirector
Marie HeeseWriter
Mike OlivierPuppets; Puppet manipulation
Bernita KukkukPuppets; Puppet manipulation
Val RowePuppets; Puppet manipulation
Hansie VisagiePuppet manipulation
Althea VisagiePuppet manipulation
Annabelle CurtisDesigner; Set building
Robin InghamSet building
Marda MyburghSet building


Series 1: Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

Episode 1: "Besoek aan die Feeks"
Original air date: 17 July 1984

Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn, two Pikkewouters, live in a house next to a big lake. They are having a lot of trouble with the Slakkelange, who eat all their fruit and vegetables and leave nothing for them to take to the market. They long to move to a place with no Slakkelange, but have no idea where such a place would be. They decide to ask the Feeks, who tells them that there is indeed such a place - but that it's a big secret. To find their way there, they will have to ask the three guardians for clues. The Pikkewouters decide to make the journey to visit the Koggeljaan, Spinnelak and the Krokkenoster.

Episode 2: "Die Paddakrap Pla"
Original air date: 24 July 1984

Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn are preparing for their long journey to the cave of the Koggeljaan. On their way, the wheel of their donkeycart comes off and lands in the hands of the Paddakrap. He refuses to give the wheel back, so Pikkketoos has to come up with a clever plan: she asks the Paddakrap to prove that the wheel is his by describing it in details. Of course, the Paddakrap can't describe it and is forced to give it back. He hears of their plan to visit the Koggeljaan and tries to scare them. Pikketoos starts doubting the wisdom of leaving their home, but Pokkelwyn gives her new courage. They continue on their journey.

Episode 3: "Die Besoek aan Koggeljaan"
Original air date: 31 July 1984

The Pikkewouters meet the Koggeljaan - and to their surprise he is not a big scare monster, but rather a small, friendly animal with a cold. Pikketoos gives him medicine and a comforting cup of warm soup. They also realise that the Koggeljaan is lonely and easily frightened. He is so grateful for their help and friendship that he tells them his secret about how to reach the land with no Slakkelange. But the secret comes in the form of a riddle. Not only do they have to solve this riddle, but they have to get two more parts of it from the other guardians. The riddle is: "Far, far, far from here, closer to the sun, further than the moon. Crawl or walk or jump or sail, nothing brings you there."

Episode 4: "Besoek aan die Spinnelak"
Original air date: 7 August 1984

The Koggeljaan invites the Pikkewouters to stay longer, but they have to continue their journey. Pikketoos feels very sorry for the lonely creature, and stop by an aunt who lives near-by, to ask her to look in on the Koggeljaan. Auntie Pokkelwou is very happy to see them, but the Pikkewouters need to convince her that the Koggeljaan is not such a scary monster as everybody thinks. They tell her of their quest and that they're on their way to see the Spinnelak. She warns them that there's no escape from the Spinnelak's web, unless you have some bitter berry juice. She gives them a vial and they set off once again. They find the Spinnelak in an old tree, and it's not long before Pokkelwyn gets entangled in the web. Pikketoos rescues him, but they have an even bigger problem: the Slakkelang refuses to give them the clue.

Episode 5: "Besoek aan die Krokkenoster"
Original air date: 14 August 1984

Pikketoos offers some of her jewels to the Spinnelak, and he finally agrees to tell them the second part of the riddle: "Far, far, far from here, closer than the sun, further than the moon, boat or car or sea or land, thus you get to the other side." They Pikkewouters feel despondent and wonder if it's even worthwhile to continue. That night they get to the sea. It looks beautiful, with the moon shining on the water, and they go for a walk. Pikketoos climbs on a treetrunk, but it turns out to be the Krokkenoster's back. They ask him for the third part of the riddle. He agrees to tell them, but only if they help him to teach Jakkehaai a lesson for always biting his tail. Pokkelwyn comes up with a plan: if they put some bitter-berry juice on Jakkehaai's tail, it will hurt so much that he'll never hurt anyone else's tail again. But can they get close enough to the Jakkehaai?

Episode 6: "Besoek aan die Swanemeeu"
Original air date: 21 August 1984

The plan works! The Jakkehaai has learnt his lesson. The Krokkenoster tells them the third part of the riddle: "Far, far, far from here, closer to the sun, further than the moon, by sea and sand the search is done, the secret brings you there." The Krokkenoster helps the Pikkewouters to solve the problem: they have to fly to the land with no Slakkelange. They ask the Swanemeeu to take them with them on her long, yearly flight across the sea. The Swanemeeu recognises their good and brave hearts and agrees to help them. But it's not the right time for the journey yet. They have to wait until it gets colder and the last leaves fall from the Sea Oak.

Episode 7: "Vlug na die Vreemde"
Original air date: 28 August 1984

Finale. The two Pikkewouters live in a cave while they wait for the cold season. Krokkenoster pays them a visit and they invite him to dinner. Suddenly, the last leaf falls in the water. They start packing for their journey. They have to pack very lightly - Pikketoos takes her seeds and Pokkelwyn takes his tools. After three days' travel, they finally get to the land without Slakkelange. Instead of Slakkelange, this land has Slakke (snails) and Slange (snakes). There's also no Krokkenosters, Jakkehaaie or even Pikkewouters and when Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn have children, they're not Pikkewouters, but Pikkewyne (penguins) and Kabouters (pixies)!

Series 2: Avonture in Amper-Stamperland

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