Cul de Sac

TV series, 1987-1989

Drama series described as one of the first Afrikaans soaps. When Daan Lategan's mother dies in a car accident, his aunt tells him that his father is not the man who'd brought him up. He meets his real family, but doesn't reveal his true identity. He feels attracted to his father's stepdaughter, Jeanne, but she's already involved with a trouble-making boyfriend. After a fight with her stepdad, Jeanne leaves home and Daan lets her stay in his house in town. Soon the gossip starts flying - and Daan can't keep his secret to himself for much longer.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

19 October 1987






Drama series

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:

Scholtz Films


Jan Scholtz


Jan Scholtz

Cast and Crew: 

Ronnie BelcherDaan LateganSeries 1-3
Annette HartmanJeanneSeries 1-3
Natania van Heerden Series 1
Gerda BredenhannAnnette Colyn
Gerrit SchoonhovenHardus Breytenbach
Claudia TurgasRetha MacDonald
Alwyn van der MerweDeon
Ilse SchmidtFouch
Janine Pretorius 
André WaltersJan TheartSeries 3
Kristie HerbstLiesel TheartSeries 3


Series 1

Episode 1
Original air date: 19 October 1987

Reverend Breytenbach tells Daan Lategan that his mother died in a car accident. His aunt, a real busybody, can't wait to tell him that the man who'd brought him up was not his real father.

Episode 2
Original air date: 26 October 1987


Episode 3
Original air date: 2 November 1987


Episode 4
Original air date: 9 November 1987


Episode 5
Original air date: 16 November 1987