Ben Brandt

TV series, 1977

Western-style adventure series set in a Lowveld mining town in the 1870s. Our Hero is Ben Brandt, who fights for justice on his horse Satan and with his sidekick Jimmy, who absconded from the British army.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

22 March 1977






Action and Adventure; Western

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Henk Hugo


Kobus Louw

Cast and Crew: 

Vonk de RidderBen Brandt
Jacques LootsJimmy
Zaza Vorster 
Okkie Ludickpoliceman
Paddy Norval 
Chris Bezuidenhout 
Willie van RensburgZAR police captain
Lieb Bester 
Michal Grobbelaar 


Episode 1: “Veediewe”
Original air date: 22 March 1977

A cattle farmer is injured during a cattle robbery on his farm. His daughter decides to find the thieves and gets help from Ben and Jimmy.

Episode 2: "Duiwel"
Original air date: 29 March 1977

Ben Brandt seeks a legendary horse. He also helps Jimmy in teaching a boy to respect his father.

Episode 3: "Die Smokkelaar"
Original air date: 5 April 1977

Ben Brandt goes to Pretoria to visit his brother, a lawyer. Jimmy goes off on his own and comes across a burglar. But when the police arrive, they arrest him for weapon smuggling.

Episode 4: "Schwartz"
Original air date: 12 April 1977

After helping Jimmy escape from custody, both Ben and Jimmy are on the run. They decide to catch the real guilty party, Schwartz, and spread a story that a horse cart full of gold is on its way to the coast. When Schwartz takes the bait, sparks fly.

Episode 5: "Die Swendelaar"
Original air date: 19 April 1977

Ben Brandt decides to accompany the wagon taking a captive Schwartz to Pretoria. The beautiful Juffrou Vermaas is also a passenger. On the way, robbers strike.



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