Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

TV series, 1982-1983

Children's series about music and musical instruments. The series was broadcast in two parts: In part 1, children learnt how to make instruments with everyday objects such as clothing pegs, cans and fishing line. Viewers could send in their creations to win prizes. Part 2 was broadcast a year later, in 1983, and featured about 600 instruments sent in for the competition. Children also learnt about traditional music and dances, famous composers and talented young musicians. In both parts, presenter Hannalie van der Merwe was joined by a one-man band and the musical worms Sukkel and Sokkel, Tikkel and Tokkel, and Rikkel and Rokkel. In Part 2, Willie Esterhuizen joined the team with his stories about music and more.

Production summary: 

Premiere date:

13 April 1982






Children and youth; Puppets; Educational television

Number of series:


Number of episodes:


Production company:



Hannalie van der Merwe; André de Villiers


Hannalie van der Merwe

Based on:

Radio programme called "Tikkel Tokkel Tuis"

Translation of title:

"Studio Tinkle Tonkle"

Cast and Crew: 

Hannalie van der MerwePresenter
Willie EsterhuizenPresenter

Hannalie van der MerweDirector; Writer
André de VilliersDirector
Hansie VisagiePuppets


Part 1

Episode 1
Original air date: 13 April 1982

Episode 2
Original air date: 20 April 1982

Episode 3
Original air date: 27 April 1982

Episode 4
Original air date: 4 May 1982

Part 2

Episode 1
Original air date: 26 April 1983

Hannalie and Willie chat about sounds and music and discuss the competition in which children had to build musical instruments from scrap material. Riaan van Rensburg performs on his drums and Willie tells the story of how music came to earth. We also learn more about the music of Stephen Foster.

Episode 2
Original air date: 3 May 1983

We visit the workshops of a violin maker and a restorer of harmoniums. We see some more of the instruments from the competition and listen to the one-man-band and musical worms.

Episode 3
Original air date: 10 May 1983

We look at the music and instruments of Africa. The presenters show some of the viewers’ homemade instruments, and there are performances by Colin Pratley and a man who mimics the sound of musical instruments with his hands. We learn how drums are made.

Episode 4
Original air date: 17 May 1983

We learn more about Spanish, Japanese, Israeli and Afrikaans folk music. Oom Bertie Lombard plays the violin and the saw, and shows the musical chairs he’s made. Wessel Germishuizen shows how to whistle with your hands.

Episode 5
Original air date: 24 May 1983

The music, instruments, dances, customs and clothing of the Tsonga people are discussed.

Episode 6
Original air date: 31 May 1983

We discuss church and house organs and learn how they’re built and restored. There’s also an interview with an organ builder, Mr. Breedt.

Episode 7
Original air date: 7 June 1983

Johan van Rensburg talks about synthesizers and electronic music

Episode 8
Original air date: 14 June 1983

Episode 9
Original air date: 21 June 1983

We learn about dances from the twenties and sixties: the Soft Shoe Shuffle, Ragtime, Tango, Charlston, Continental, Tap Dance, Swing, Jitter Bug, Jive, Boogie and Rock and Roll. The winners of the instrument-making competition are announced.

Episode 10
Original air date: 28 June 1983

More dances from the sixties and seventies. Prizes are handed out and we look at highlights from previous programmes.


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