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The Villagers

TV series, 1976-1978

The first English drama series on South African television, about life in a small mining town on the Rand. When the general manager of the Village Reef gold mine dies suddenly, everybody expects the much-liked assistant manager, Buller Wilmot, to take over. But the top job goes to a new man, Hilton McRae, and it takes some time for the Village Reefers to get used to their new manager – and for the sophisticated McRaes to get used to life in a small town. Read more about The Villagers

The Dingleys

TV series, 1977

Also known as A Date with the Dingleys. Comedy series about the Dingley family, who lives in the flat above their bookshop in Pietermaritzburg. Gerald is an honest, conservative man who is very proud of his British ancestry. This bookshop owner is a real stalwart in the community and has ambitions to become the mayor of Pietermaritzburg. His family is often a thorn in his side – especially his 19-year-old son Stanton, whose rebellious ways lead to regular embarassment. Read more about The Dingleys

The Everywhere Express

TV series, 1975-1976

Children’s programme in which Andy and Kathy take very young viewers on a train ride through fantastic and magical lands, with plenty of songs, dances, stories, games and quizzes along the way. The Everywhere Express was the first South African children's programme in English and was one of the few South African series that started in 1975, during the Test Television phase. Read more about The Everywhere Express


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