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The Settlers

TV series, 1980

Drama series following the lives, loves and hardships of a group of 1820 British settlers. The story was largely based on the diaries of one Jeremiah Goldswain, who is also the main character of the series.

Goldswain, a craftsman, arrives with the first group of settlers. He falls in love with Eliza Debnam, whose family’s higher social status makes them look down on her young suitor.

The Settlers was followed by its sequel, A Settler's Tale.

  Read more about The Settlers


TV series, 1980

Henry Rider Haggard’s bestselling story about Horace Holly and Leo Vincy’s journey into Africa to find the legendary white queen Ayesha, or “She-who-must-be-obeyed”.  Read more about She

Bangalory Time

TV series, 1976-1978

Children’s series about Clary, the owner of a little rumble store, and her puppet friends Percy Parrot, Mango Monkey and Alfredo Armadillo. Clary’s aunt is travelling the world and sends postcards from each exotic location she visits. In 1977 Bangalory Time got a new storyteller when Clary left, and Marianne continued to entertain the children and puppets until the series ended in 1978. Read more about Bangalory Time

Poor Bitos

TV series, 1979-1980

TV drama in four parts set in the French countryside in the 1950s. A group of local noblemen set out to humiliate and take revenge on Bitos, an ex-schoolmate who has broken free from his lowly birth to attain a powerful position in the Judiciary. This is done at a wig party where everybody is dressed as famous characters from the French revolution, with Bitos dressed as Robespierre. Read more about Poor Bitos

99 Caroline Street

TV series, 1979

Comedy series about two young women sharing a flat in Hillbrow. Beryl is a sensible, down-to-earth girl while the silly, boy-mad Cathy is quite the opposite. Things don't always go so well between the two girls: like when Cathy's gold fish eats Beryl's, or when Beryl sets a trap for Cathy's pet mouse.  Read more about 99 Caroline Street

Matawane's Gold

TV series, 1979

Adventure series that follows the adventures of a three men entrusted with a wagon-load of state gold, as well as the efforts of their descendents to find the treasure eighty years later. Read more about Matawane's Gold

Professor Lackbrain

TV series, 1979-1980

Children’s series about a silly, scatterbrained professor and his travels to Alphabet Land, where he meets several interesting alphabet characters, including little children disguised as bees in B-Land, and F-Land’s Lord and Lady Flapdoodle and their pots full of alphabet plants. The professor is constantly trying to capture “Common Sense” with a fishnet and a cardboard box, but when he’s finally finds it, he tends to open the box and let it escape.

The series was aimed at teaching 4-7 year-old children about the alphabet. Read more about Professor Lackbrain


TV series, 1977

Action drama about a private detective, Michael Jordan, who loves money, women and fast cars. His clients are usually wealthy and important. Read more about Jordan


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