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TV series, 1981-1985

The adventures of a little dog named Cheesecake and his good friend Tennessee, the cat from the American South. They often play detective to bring down villaineous theatre cat Reginald who loves wearing costumes and playing nasty tricks. His sidekick is an elegant pink poodle named Madame – though she’s ready to drop his side when too much trouble brews. The series was a co-production between the SABC and the UK’s ITV. While head of production Nick Orchard and puppeteer Mary Edwards were British, the rest of the production team came from South Africa. Read more about Cheesecake


TV series, 1981-1985

Drama series following the boardroom and bedroom intrigue of a PR agency and its people. Westgate PR company is plunged into crisis when one of the founders, Franklyn Westgate, dies. A power struggle develops between co-founder Warren Bartlett and Franklyn’s power-hungry widow Alice, who wants to see her son in charge. But young Ashley Westgate is a playboy and knows nothing about the business, and under his control the company sinks deeper into trouble. Meanwhile, the company’s art director, Ivor Kraft, is out for revenge after an accident caused by Ashley has left him scarred. Read more about Westgate

For the Love of Gold

TV series, 1981

Historical drama. In 1900, French doctor Jacques Cervin inherits a South African gold mine from a dying patient. He sets off to the Transvaal where he soon becomes embroiled in the Anglo-Boer War. Adventure follows as he fights on the side of the Boers – and falls in love with an English woman. Other characters are Mary Lawson, the English nurse; Marguerite, a boer girl; the traitor Meeker; the deceitful Praxton; Jacob the young boer commando leader; Sir Henry, the director of a British mining company and Mr. and Mrs. Hasenfeld, Boer sympathisers from the Cape. Read more about For the Love of Gold

Oh George!

TV series, 1981

Family comedy about the residents of the Pueblo Ponderosa apartment block. When George and Eunice Firkel move into their new luxury flat, it’s a dream come true – until they meet the neighbours and discover exactly how thin the walls are. On the one side there’s Jewish couple Manny and Marsha Bloom, loud, interfering and parents of two terrors; on the other there’s Afrikaans couple Tokkie and Renata Muller, Tokkie a beer rep and ex-Springbok rugby player, Renata a doctoral candidate in sociology. Read more about Oh George!

A Settler's Tale

TV series, 1982

Sequel to the drama series The Settlers, about a group of 1820 British settlers in the Cape Colony. It is more than a decade after the settlers landed. A more mature Jeremiah returns with his wife Eliza and their six children. Although the settlers' are more well off than when they first arrived, the Cape Frontier Wars and the Great Trek cause more than enough upheaval. Read more about A Settler's Tale

Señor Onyon

TV series, 1980

Puppet series about the adventures of a Spanish onion and his friends from the vegetable patch. Señor Onyon’s friends include miss Tomato, Granny Smith, Patch Potato, Señor Lemon, Lowly Cabbage and Creepy Crawly the Earthworm. And don’t forget about the chef, always on the lookout for a Spanish onion for his stew...

Señor Onyon and his friends appeared on TV for the first time in 1977, as part of the children’s series Playhouse. Read more about Señor Onyon

The Diggers

TV series, 1980

Action and adventure series set during the 1870s Pilgrim’s Rest gold rush. Main characters are the hapless Sherman, who keeps on having run-ins with corrupt commissioner MacFarlane and bathhouse owner Benny Franks; his right-hand man Samson, an escaped prisoner; young Elizabeth who comes to Pilgrim’s Rest to get married but lands behind the bar counter when the engagement goes sour; Dynamite Dolly, who owns the local hotel and who digs her own claim; and Sonja, the prim and proper shop owner. Read more about The Diggers


TV series, 1980

Medical drama following the lives of the personnel and patients of a general hospital. It is mainly set in three hospital departments, namely the men’s, women’s and emergency wards. Main characters include sister Cathy Graham who, despite her strict and serious exterior, has a soft spot for those in pain, and hospital porter Fred Jenkins, who knows everything that’s going on long before anybody else. Read more about Hospital

The Adventures of Captain Possible

TV series, 1980

Mystery, imagination and fun with Captain Possible and his young friend Miranda. The captain is a writer and old adventurer who lives in an old fisherman’s hut. His twelve-year-old neighbour Miranda loves to visit him and listen to his tales of voyage and adventure. In their imaginations, the two are then whisked away to exotic places where they meet some interesting –  even dangerous – characters. Read more about The Adventures of Captain Possible


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