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TV series, 1982

Pre-teen series about different hobbies: what they are, how to get started and how much they can cost. Read more about Hobbies

The Wonderful World of Mr Flippit

TV series, 1982

Series for young children, about the colourful mechanical toys of Townsit Town. These included Mr. Flippit, a barrel-like toy with spinning hair and flashing red nose; Mr. Steamit the locomotive; Mr. Paintit the painter, Mr. Postit the postman; Mr. Cookit with his wonderful cakes; and the clever Mr. Fixit, who has a solution for every problem.  Read more about The Wonderful World of Mr Flippit

Big City Beat

TV series, 1982

Police drama following two constables as they patrol the streets of Johannesburg. While they’re chasing jewellery thieves, drug smugglers, robbers and runaways, their biggest headaches are the elusive criminals “Spiderman” and Arkadi (who steals people's wallets after hitting them over the head with his nunchucks). Read more about Big City Beat

The Big Killing

TV series, 1982

Mini-series about a murderous bet. Charles Barcher’s wife refuses to give him a divorce. Then Peter Ashbury, a former race-car driver and avid gambler, bets him R250 000 that he, Ashbury, can kill his wife without getting caught. Read more about The Big Killing

The Sound of Murder

TV series, 1982

Mini-series based on William Fairchild’s stage play and specially adapted for television. The story is set in the country house of Charles Norbury, a successful children’s author. When the sadistic and abusive Charles refuses to give his wife Anne a divorce, it drives her and her lover, Peter Marriott, to come up with a more drastic – and gruesome – plan. Read more about The Sound of Murder

Valley of the Vines

TV series, 1982

Series based on Joy Packer’s novel, set on the wine estate Dieu Donne in the Constantia Valley. Young Roxanne’s mother fights for the French Resistance during the Second World War. To keep her daughter safe, she sends her to the old family estate, Dieu Donne. This is then where Roxanne grows up and becomes involved with two men, farm manager Thinus and English journalist Hal. Meanwhile, Granny Con, the aristocratic matriarch of the De Valois family, has to do all she can to save the estate from greedy town developers. Read more about Valley of the Vines

Alphonse and Annie

TV series, 1981

Musical comedy series for children, following the adventures of two clowns. Alphonse is conceited and a bit of a bully. Annie, on the other hand, is sweet, innocent and very gullible. The series was aimed at children between 7 and 13 years. Read more about Alphonse and Annie

The Adventures of Mickey

TV series, 1981

Short series about a young boy who lives on a game reserve. The series followed the real-life adventures of 10-year-old Mickey Reilly, whose father Terence was the head game ranger at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary near Mbabane in Swaziland. With his dad, Mickey experienced many adventures, like when they moved animals from one reserve to another, or when Mr. Reilly had to save a colony of rare vultures. We also see the friendship between Mickey and the orphaned Gnu, who was rescued in the veld and would follow Mickey wherever he went. Read more about The Adventures of Mickey

Something Else

TV series, 1981-1982

Series for very young children, in which musician David, his guitar and his ragdoll friend Silly Sue teach about everyday things like the five senses, colours, shapes, clothes, music and more. Read more about Something Else

Justin Imagine

TV series, 1981

Children's series in which Justin Imagine and his friends discover the highlights of science. Justin, Zip, Sue and their other friends use their imaginations to travel through time and space as they learn more about gravity, electomagnetism, the moon and more. They meet some of the most important figures in science, including Sir Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and the mathematicians of ancient Egypt. Read more about Justin Imagine


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