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Shaka Zulu

TV series, 1986

Bill Faure's epic and controversial series about the legendary Zulu king. The series was produced by the SABC, but in order to get around cultural boycotts against South Africa, the corporation made a deal with American production company Harmony Gold to distribute the series abroad. The SABC even hid their involvement completely in some countries. Despite the controvercy, accusations of apartheid propaganda and many historical inaccuracies, the series became incredibly popular. It was seen by millions across the world, including in America, England and West Germany. Read more about Shaka Zulu


TV series, 1989-1994

Acclaimed drama series following a group of Boers during some critical events in South Arican and Afrikaner history. The first series is  set mainly on St. Helena and follows the fate of the Boer prisoners-of-war of Deadwood Camp. Among them is Sloet Steenkamp, a Cape Rebel who had his death sentence commuted to a life-sentence on St. Helena. But for Sloet, life behind a barbed-wire fence is a fate worse than death, and from the outset he plans to escape and return to his wife and farm. Read more about Arende

Mrs Dumbleby

TV series, 1983-1985

Cut-out animation series about Mrs Dumbleby, her housekeeper Crumms and their many interesting friends. Their adventures take them to the circus, the fair, Spain - even outer space and the time of the dinosaurs! Mrs Dumbleby is often accompanied by her three little friends and dog. Read more about Mrs Dumbleby

Pumpkin Patch

TV series, 1987-1996

Children series set in the sunny town of Pumpkin Patch and featuring the mayor, Uncle Bill, Woofles the watchdog, puppet cousins Freckles and Speckles and friendly presenter Laurel. In 1991, Laurel won a trip around the world and had to bid the pumpkin patch farewell. In her place came Claire, who joined the others until the series ended in 1996. Sometimes, among the stories, fun and make-believe, the pumpkin choir would sing a song. Read more about Pumpkin Patch


TV series, 1987-1994

Christian series for children, featuring Bible stories, life lessons and a fantasy character named Zet. The stories were illustrated in real time by artist Ron Berry. The episodes alternated between Afrikaans and English. Read more about Zet!

Uz Adibalz an Fings

TV series, 1979-1980

Childen's series about different animals and their habits and characteristics. Each week Zoot tells a story about a different animal friend, including Ted Tadpole, Fred Frog, Doby Dog, Absentminded the kitten, Horsely Horse and Vitamin B and Buzzy the two busy bees. The characters were made of cardboard and were manipulated by black-clad puppeteers against a black background.

In 1980, a spin-off was broadcast: in Zoot's Rooty Toot Toot Show, Zoot presented his own pop music show. Read more about Uz Adibalz an Fings

Hey Hooray

TV series, 1982

Short music series about the adventures of four life-sized marionettes: a greedy little man called Grouch, a spoilt princes, the crazy Fumble Feet and Chico the magic doll. Read more about Hey Hooray

Miss Candida

TV series, 1982

Comedy series about a very English lady who shakes things up in the very Afrikaans town of Brakkiesfontein. After the death of her father, miss Candida Wilbur-Browning decides to leave England and to settle in a small town in the Transvaal, where her brother runs the police station. She is shocked to discover that her new hometown is an out-of-the-way ghost town with no more than a handful of inhabitants. But it doesn’t take this English lady to start organising everybody to clean up and fix the town, especially after her brother lands in hospital and she stands in as police commissioner. Read more about Miss Candida


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