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Racheltjie de Beer

TV film, 1982

Animated version of the famous Afrikaans story about the heroic Racheltjie de Beer, who sacrificed her own life to save her little brother from the cold. Though the story has been told as a true story for many years, many doubt that Rachel de Beer really existed. Nevertheless, she remains an icon in Afrikaans literature. This adaptation was the first full-length animated TV film in South Africa. Read more about Racheltjie de Beer


TV series, 1982-1983

Drama series about a young couple whose love is tested by fraud and family feuds. At first, Judy Verster thinks Dirk Creyno is arrogant and rude, but she starts falling for him after all. But Judy’s father is arrested for fraud, and Dirk's father is the judge presiding over the case. The love lives of these students are further complicated by Grietjie, who is crazy about Dirk, and Roberts, in love with Judy. Read more about Sterretjie

Die Vlakte Duskant Hebron

TV series, 1982

Drama series set during the Great Depression. A struggling farmer moves to the "plains on this side of Hebron" with his daughter, Santie. The drama unfolds as the locals' relationships with each other and especially with the strange Gaitsigubib break down. Read more about Die Vlakte Duskant Hebron

Die Dubbele Alibi

TV drama, 1976

Suspense drama written especially for television by Cor Dirks, famous Afrikaans author of youth novel series such as Die Uile and Die Otters. It was the first TV drama shown on South African television, on opening night (5 January 1976). Read more about Die Dubbele Alibi

Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

TV series, 1982-1983

Children's series about music and musical instruments. The series was broadcast in two parts: In part 1, children learnt how to make instruments with everyday objects such as clothing pegs, cans and fishing line. Viewers could send in their creations to win prizes. Part 2 was broadcast a year later, in 1983, and featured about 600 instruments sent in for the competition. Children also learnt about traditional music and dances, famous composers and talented young musicians. Read more about Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

Klein Jakkalsies

TV series, 1982

Comedy series about the little irritations and problems that continue to threaten Herman Scheepers’ happiness and sanity. Among these little foxes in his vineyard are his boss G.G. Goosen; Felicity, the secretary who can’t type; Barney Venter, the mysterious voice on the phone who threatens suicide whenever Herman won’t help him; Baskaline, the domestic worker who'll only lend Herman money if he promises – in writing – to pay her back; as well as the traffic department, tooth mouse, building inspectors and pesky house guests. Read more about Klein Jakkalsies

Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

TV series, 1982-1990

Clay animation series following the adventures of the little clay man Dr. Kleiman, who uses his vivid animation to let everyday objects come to life to build machines, houses and cars, sew a suit, write letters and bake cakes. The second series was called Die Wonderwêreld van Dr. Kleiman, and showed the misadventures of Dr. Kleiman's two assistants, Dirk and Ted, who often needed to be rescued from their own messes. Read more about Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

Die Swart Kat

TV series, 1986-1995

Youth series about a young boy’s secret crime fighting adventures. Borrie Veldt seems like any other 12-year-old boy. He watches the A-Team, reads comic books and fights with his older sister, Rienie. At night, however, Borrie takes his BMX, slingshot and sister’s black ballet stockings and, disguised as Die Swart Kat (Black Cat), he solves the crimes that baffle his detective father. He always leaves his calling card on the scene in the hope that Die Swart Kat will get recognition for his daring and brilliance. Read more about Die Swart Kat

Mielie Malie Maantuig

TV series, 1982

Children’s series about oom Jasper and Heini’s adventures on the moon. Uncle Jasper uses the giant mealie growing in his garden to build a spaceship. The craft is launched accidentally and soon uncle Jasper and his assistant, Heini, land on the moon where they meet the beautiful queen of the light side of the moon, Koningin Ligkant, as well Mientjie and Manie, her two helpers. Of course, the moon also has a dark side, and this is where mean Koning Donkerkant and his two henchmen Pik and Swart cook up their evil schemes. Read more about Mielie Malie Maantuig

Brood vir my Broer

TV series, 1982

Drama about the feud between the families of two neighbouring farms. The Fouchés – Stan, Jos and Stan’s son Stanley - live on El Rancho, where they breed racehorses. Their neighbour is the rich Hendrik Broodryk, who owns the local store as well as most of the businesses in town, and his two sons, Hennie and Frans. Hennie can do no wrong in his father’s eyes and despite the fact that he steals his brother’s girlfriend Rina and gets involved in horse theft, it is Frans who’s the black sheep in the family. The series was based on the 1970s radio drama and novel by Cor Nortjé. Read more about Brood vir my Broer


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