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TV series, 1985

Drama series about the doings of a family who lives on the farm Sondaarspoort - and with two mothers-in-law living under the same roof, sparks are sure to fly far and often. Tant Gertruida is as kind and patient as tant Krissie is complaining and trouble-seeking, which make for lots of squibbles. Read more about Sondaarspoort


TV series, 1985

Youth series set at a boarding school. The hero is Franco Russos, deputy headboy and the school's star athlete. Life is not easy for Franco: not only does he come from a poor family, but Afrikaans teacher Skellie has taken a serious disliking in him. Then there's also Herkie, a difficult boy in standard 8 who holds a grudge and has sworn to make as much trouble as possible. It's not all bleak, though, as Franco finds romance and friendship. Read more about Skoolplaasstories


TV series, 1985

Adventure series about the friendship between a sea captain and a young orphan and their many adventures - including car chases, explosions, underwater action and plenty of trouble with the villain, Lothar. Read more about Seeduiker

Dirk Hoffman

TV series, 1985

Series about a lawyer, his practice and his rather eccentric clients. Though he is good-hearted - his colleagues would call him a sucker - Dirk Hoffman is smart and certainly not to be underestimated. His cases, which vary from theft and divorce to diamond smuggling and murder, were based on real-life incidents. Dirk Hoffman was the first TV series in which a part was specifically written for a coloured actor, namely that of Dirk's clerk. Read more about Dirk Hoffman


TV series, 1985

Drama series set in Grundlingshoop, a platinum mining town full of intrigue, scheming, envy and even star-crossed romance. The story follows the feuding Grundling and Wessels families. The Grundling family is led by Arnold Grundling, who owns the Grundlingshoop Platinum Mine as well as a whole lot of other businesses in town. After his wife's death, he married the sophisticated Elizabeth, but the townsfolk still struggles to accept her and her trouble-maker son Quintin. Arnold has three children: John, his right-hand-man Martin and the spoilt Judy. Read more about Witgoud

Die Wel en Weë van Thys Coetzee

TV series, 1985

Light-hearted drama series about an embittered widower who is completely under his mother-in-law's thumb. That is, until his life is turned upside-down by a beautiful widow. Soon, everybody tries to bring these together and Thys finds his heart softening, especially towards his three daughters Estelle, Rita and Aneke. Read more about Die Wel en Weë van Thys Coetzee


TV series, 1985

Frans Jacobs, a wealthy art dealer from Johannesburg, dies and everybody wonders who the heir to his fortune will be. Read more about Galery

Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

TV series, 1984

Puppet series about the Pikkewouters and their quest to find the land where there are no pesky Slakkelange. The location of this far-off land is a secret and can only be solved if you have all three parts of the riddles. The guardians of the riddles are the Koggeljaan, the Spinnelak and the Krokkenoster, and the Pikkewouters set off to visit these three creatures. The adventures of Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn were continued in a sequel called Avonture in Amper-Stamperland (1985). Read more about Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

Sagmoedige Neelsie

TV series, 1984

Mini-series about the gentle-hearted Neelsie and his endless trouble with his stubborn and incompetent fellow man. "Sagmoedige Neelsie" was an alter ego of C.J. Langenhoven, and the series was based on the fantasies and stories of this famous Afrikaans author. Read more about Sagmoedige Neelsie


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