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TV series, 1988

Puppet series about the Kapoene, who lives in Pampoenland (Pumpkin Land), a mischief-making dragon called Droendraak, his two henchmen Tor and Slak, and the clever hero Poenie, who always saves the day. Read more about Droendraak

Cul de Sac

TV series, 1987-1989

Drama series described as one of the first Afrikaans soaps. When Daan Lategan's mother dies in a car accident, his aunt tells him that his father is not the man who'd brought him up. He meets his real family, but doesn't reveal his true identity. He feels attracted to his father's stepdaughter, Jeanne, but she's already involved with a trouble-making boyfriend. After a fight with her stepdad, Jeanne leaves home and Daan lets her stay in his house in town. Soon the gossip starts flying - and Daan can't keep his secret to himself for much longer.
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Ou Grote

TV series, 1987

Drama series about the ocean - "Ou Grote" - and its sway over a small West Coast fishing community. The wealthy owner of a modern fish factory has ambitions of expanding, but the only available land is an old cemetery. One man, a fisherman whose father lies buried there, is determined to stop the development. The face-off between the fisherman and the rich businessman - as well as a good dose of fish and diamond smuggling - threaten to tear families apart and end in tragedy. Read more about Ou Grote

Die Seders van Lebanon

TV series, 1987

Romantic drama series about the love triangle between a dying doctor, his wife and his childhood friend. Marnitz Malan suffers from an incurable disease. He seeks treatment at Lebanon, the hospital where his childhood friend John le Roux is practicing. Marnitz encourages a friendship between John and his wife Laura. Meanwhile, Marnitz' father Burg has held a grudge against John's now dead father for many years, and nursing sister Linnie Theron is hiding a secret and a fatherless child. Read more about Die Seders van Lebanon

Die Ongeluksvoël

TV series, 1987

Drama series centered on a gymnasium in a small Lowveld town. There's Sweet Venter, the embittered, power-hungry gym manager who also owns the local sawmill; gym instructor Isabel; her daughter Nellie, whose father's identity is a secret; Rudie, a promising gymnast who leaves school to help his father; and another promising gymnast Pierre and his influential father, Wannenberg. In the first episode, a now 30-year-old Nellie gets an unexpected letter, which makes her think back to the gym and the events of 20 years earlier. Read more about Die Ongeluksvoël

Guillam Woudberg

TV series, 1987

Drama series set towards the end of the 18th century, in the time of the Republic of Graaff-Reinet. Guillam Woudberg, who lives on the frontier, learns that he has just inherited two prize farms in the Cape Boland. There is one condition: that he lives on the farms himself. This doesn't suit him, so he gets around the proviso by marrying a beautiful girl from the Boland, Suzette Davel. This arranged marriage, along with tension between the English government and a group of rebels lead to a lot of action and intrigue. Read more about Guillam Woudberg

Koos Kluitjies

TV series, 1987

Humourous series about Koos Kluitjies and his wife Lena. Old Koos is a dreamer and a big talker. He decides to turn the well in his backyard into a goldmine by selling the water to the townsfolk. Read more about Koos Kluitjies


TV series, 1987

Youth series about the people of a small rural community. Rus en Vrede is a sleepy little town until the arrival of the Landman family, who is weighed down by the debt left after the father's death. At first, the introverted Dawid Landman gets targeted by the local bullies, but he wins them over and they become best friends. He also meets Linda Retief, who takes him to her secret hiding place - a place called Dreunkrans.
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Wolwedans in die Skemer

TV series, 1987

TV adaptation of the hugely popular 1981 radio drama, about the murderous "wolf" terrorising the residents of Hotel Nyala - particularly the new receptionist, Sonja Daneel, whose memory loss seems to hide certain horrors in her past, as well as the identity of the murderer. But will she remember before she falls victim to the killer's axe? The TV series had new twists and intrigues. In 2012, Wolwedans in die Skemer became a film and another novel, once again with new surprises. Read more about Wolwedans in die Skemer


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