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TV series, 1981-1982

The adventures of the matchstick men from Vuurhoutjieland, told through songs. There’s Buksie, the leader; Hansie Houtskool, the clever one; Frikkie Fosfor, the naive one; self-confident Bella Brand; neurotic Feitjie Vlam; as well as Koos the vegetable man, Dr. Swael with his motorcar, Prof. Kallie Kooltjievuur and the postman. The characters were all made from real matches and matchboxes and the series was filmed using the black theatre method. Read more about Vuurhoutjieland

Stories uit Wolkeland

TV series, 1979

Children’s series about the raindrops from Wolkeland (“Cloud Land”). King Roelof reigns over Wolkeland and his granddaughter princess Rienkie teaches the young raindrops everything they need to know: how to splash and glide, how to refresh the flowers and how to guard against the Droogtedrakies (“little drought dragons”), Moddermaatjies (“mud buddies”) and the grumpy old northern wind. Some of Rienkie’s students are Neusie, a curious little drop who’s always landing himself in trouble; and Kletter and Klatter, two naughty drops who keep on forgetting to water the flowers. Read more about Stories uit Wolkeland


TV series, 1989

Family comedy. Bets lives with her mother, Mart, who is determined to find her widowed daughter a new husband; her son Jakkie, a second-year-student at the Rand Afrikaans University; and her 30-year-old daughter Annette, who moves back home on the eve of her third divorce. Jakkie's girlfriend is Marie-Lou van Wyk, who had published her first poetry book as a high school student. She is also vegetarian and gets terribly upset when Tant Mart dares to wear her fur coat. Read more about Oos-Wes


TV series, 1989

Children's series with songs, dancing and loads of action. The Rompelstompel is a jolly, proud creature with beautiful feathers. His friends in Rompelstompelland are Boetie and Bella Bop, as well as Daan, Dina and Dirkie Doemela, a student who is always looking for answers in his thick book. The Doemelas and the Bops aren't aware of each others - and when they finally meet, the sparks fly. There's also the Pokkelpensie, who eats anything in sight, and the mysterious and feared Trommeltrammeltrap. Read more about Rompelstompelstories


TV series, 1988

Youth series set in 1917 and following the adventures of Patrys and his friends Spekies, Olifant and Jan Flap - not to forget the girls, the cheeky Meraai and the shy Sybokkie. The series was based on E.B. Grosskopf's well-known 1926 novel. Read more about Patrys-hulle


TV series, 1988

Drama series following four members of the South African amry's reconnaissance unit ("reccies"). There's farmer Paul Roux, a former reccie and computer expert; Major Kurt Möller, who leads a group of reccies; Staff Sergeant Ben Davids, his right-hand man; and Corporal Arrie Swiegers, who has joined this group of reccies against his rich father's wishes. Read more about Reccie

Die Ma-Plotters

TV series, 1988-1989

Character comedy about the people of a smallholding somewhere near Johannesburg. "Maplotter" refers to a rather vulgar, common person living on such a plot - and so our Maplotters are colourful characters trying to scrape by on their piece of land. Molly Mitchell is a industrious widow who knows everything about welding and fixing cars, but nothing about fixing a good meal. At his death, her no-good husband left her his smallholding, but also a load of debt. Read more about Die Ma-Plotters

Kinders van die Sabbatsee

TV series, 1988-1989

Drama series based on Esta Steyn's award-winning serial in Sarie magazine, which was published in book form in 1985. The story follows the lives of the small community on the West Coast. After many years in the city, Hawert returns to his childhood home. He hopes to develop Sabbatstrand, a piece of land that his father had left to Hawert's adoptive sister Lyla. She hates him for abandoning their father before his death, and the animosity between the two grows. Meanwhile, the former owner of Sabbatstrand, the wealthy Jack Zwiegelaar, is also trying to get his hands on the land. Read more about Kinders van die Sabbatsee


TV series, 1988

Drama series about the travels and adventures of a Rosie, a pink little car imported from Detroit. The series starts in the late 1920, when Rosie's American owners are forced to sell her. She lands up in South Africa, and the moment he sees her, mechanic Willie Last falls head over heels in love. For the next 40 or so years, she has many adventures with her different owners - from being a wedding car to a chicken coop. Will Willie ever find her again?
  Read more about Rosie


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