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Kerneels se Konsertsaal

TV series, 1977

Variety puppet programme for children, in which Kerneels invites artists to perform in his theatre. Each programme features three to four guest artists, including comedians, pop stars, opera singers and dancers, as well as Kerneels' pianist, Apie Maestro. There's also the ambitious security guard Pierewiet, who's convinced that he has what it takes to perform on stage. But Kerneels doesn't agree and has to chase Pierewiet off the stage regularly. When he can't get him off, he calls Skoen ('shoe'), who thinks he's a dog and will bark and snap at Pierewiet's heels. Read more about Kerneels se Konsertsaal

Haas Das se Nuuskas

TV series, 1976-1980

Children’s series in which rabbit Haas Das brings the daily news from the animal kingdom. He is assisted (or hampered) by Piet Muis, the rather neurotic mouse who brings in the late bulletins and reads the weather. Haas Das was known for his sense of style: every week he sported a new tie, and as the series became more popular, viewers would send him ties to wear. (His name translates to "Hare Tie"). Read more about Haas Das se Nuuskas


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