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TV series, 1984

Light-hearted drama series following the adventures of the refreshment personnel on the long-distance train between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Three of the staff members, Vollie, Boeta and Braam, are university students spending their December holidays on the train. Doep is the boss of the restaurant car, and Kolonie Cloete is the chef who spends his hours crammed into the tiny kitchen with his assistant, Fensham. During their voyages across the Karoo, their lives become entangled with those of the passengers - from beauties and fortune tellers to thieves and diamond smugglers. Read more about Transkaroo

Agter Elke Man

TV series, 1985-1988

Drama series about the women behind successful men. Initially, the series follows the stories of three particular women: Marietjie Barnhoorn, the estranged wife of a successful businessman; Leana Steyn, the private secretary of an elderly business tycoon, who is ruthless in her ambitions to overcome her impoverished past; and aging ballerina Mercia Meyer, who returns to South Africa after living and working abroad and has to deal with the hostility of her fellow South Africans. Read more about Agter Elke Man


TV series, 1986-1992

Educational series about the friendly and inquisitive alien Mannemarak, who visits our planet once a week to learn more about the earth and its inhabitants. His mission is to make films for his friends back home, and with the help of his faithful computer Kompie, he learns about what he sees outside his tiny spaceship. Mannemarak is also a hungry little alien, and after his learning sessions here on earth, he quickly sets off again to make sure he doesn't miss supper back home! Read more about Mannemarak

Jasper le Feuvre

TV series, 1984

Swashbuckling adventure series about Jasper le Feuvre and his thirst for revenge. Twelve years ago, a rich young man named Jasper le Feuvre was kidnapped and thrown in the hold of a pirate ship. On its way to France, the ship attacked a Dutch ship and shot it to pieces. In the ensuing fight Jasper landed in a lifeboat with the Dutch captain, three lowly sailors and a little girl who had lost her mother in the attack. The lifeboat drifted at sea for 19 days, and Jasper did all he can to save the mortally ill girl. Read more about Jasper le Feuvre

Verspeelde Lente

TV series, 1983

Manie van Rensburg's TV adaptation of the novel by J. van Melle, about a beautiful but poor young woman who marries the rich landowner instead of the man she loves. The story follows Pop le Roux's decision to marry the much older Jan Greyling and the consequences for her young love Hermaans Cronjé, her parents and for Jan Greyling's son Gert. Read more about Verspeelde Lente


TV series, 1982-1986

Prison drama described as a series of "dramatised documentaries" based on real events in South African prisons over 75 years. The series follows the lives of the inmates and wardens of Pretoria Central Prison and in particular the hero, Skollie and his constant escape attempts. After two series, the story was concluded in a film called Vyfster, Die Slot, which follows Skollie's battle to find his son despite the scheming of his enemies inside and outside prison. Read more about Vyfster

Mina Moo en Kie

TV series, 1987-1991

Puppet series about a friendly cow, Mina Moo, who owns a popular dairy in Klokkiesvlei. Her assistant and deliveryman, Karring Straatkat, may look like an average cat, but he has a useful trick: after just one sip of milk, he turns into superhero Karring Ramkat. With Karring at her side, Mina is able to deliver milk to the locals, especially Kappertjie Crèche, Laerskool Gousblom and Aandblom retirement home – all this despite the best efforts of Bak and Terie, two dirty and sly germs who would do anything for control over Mina Moo’s dairy. Read more about Mina Moo en Kie


TV series, 1983-1987

Stories from a small town in rural South Africa, as told by town gossip Mietie, who runs the local co-op. Mietie spends a lot of time on the stoep with her two friends, the wise Veldsman and the neurotic and conservative Genis. As they watch the townsfolk go by, they recount their sometimes tragic, often hilarious tales. Other recurring characters are the local pastor and Veldsman's beautiful young wife, Lettie. Read more about Koöperasiestories

Orkney Snork Nie

TV series, 1989-1992

Comedy series about the Van Tonder family from Orkney, a small mining town near Klerksdorp. The Van Tonders are dad Hendrik, a shift manager at the local mine; his wife Maggie; Hendrik's father; two teenagers Hess and Wimpie; married son Ouboet, whose two greatest loves are car engines and his ditsy wife Yolanda; and son Bennie, who is a soldier on the border before joining an expedition to Marion Island. In later years, when Oupa wasn't living with them anymore, the family got frequent (though usually unexpectant and disruptive) visits from Maggie's mother, Ouma Gous. Read more about Orkney Snork Nie


TV series, 1982-1986

Children's series following the adventures of the Interster crew in their quest to protect Earth from the Krokons. Although the war between Earth and Krokon is officially over, Krokon crown prince Karnati has not given up his dream of destroying Earth and conquering the universe. It is up to Interster, a secret organisation masquerading as an interplanetary transportation company, to keep the prince at bay. It's not an easy task, especially when Karnati is helped by the rich and corrupt Dr. Read more about Interster


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