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Wolwedans in die Skemer

TV series, 1987

TV adaptation of the hugely popular 1981 radio drama, about the murderous "wolf" terrorising the residents of Hotel Nyala - particularly the new receptionist, Sonja Daneel, whose memory loss seems to hide certain horrors in her past, as well as the identity of the murderer. But will she remember before she falls victim to the killer's axe? The TV series had new twists and intrigues. In 2012, Wolwedans in die Skemer became a film and another novel, once again with new surprises. Read more about Wolwedans in die Skemer

Die Rooi Komplot

TV series, 1983

Drama series following a group of students as they willingly or unwittingly become involved in subversive political activities on campus, Francois Beyers, a brilliant post-graduate student in nuclear physics, returns to a South African university campus. He is on a secret mission from the South African security police to infiltrate and destroy an underground political organisation. The organisation is headed by Victor Melck, who uses innocent people, such as the talented Heidi Greyling, to manipulate the students. Read more about Die Rooi Komplot


TV series, 1983

Psychological thriller set in an isolated mountain hotel. After an earthquake, the hotel's residents become trapped when the only road out is destroyed. As they wait for the road to be repaired, they start delving into each other's pasts. It seems they all have something to hide - and when they start dying one by one, it becomes clear than one of them is even capable of murder. Read more about Herberg

Die Dubbele Alibi

TV drama, 1976

Suspense drama written especially for television by Cor Dirks, famous Afrikaans author of youth novel series such as Die Uile and Die Otters. It was the first TV drama shown on South African television, on opening night (5 January 1976). Read more about Die Dubbele Alibi

The Big Killing

TV series, 1982

Mini-series about a murderous bet. Charles Barcher’s wife refuses to give him a divorce. Then Peter Ashbury, a former race-car driver and avid gambler, bets him R250 000 that he, Ashbury, can kill his wife without getting caught. Read more about The Big Killing

The Sound of Murder

TV series, 1982

Mini-series based on William Fairchild’s stage play and specially adapted for television. The story is set in the country house of Charles Norbury, a successful children’s author. When the sadistic and abusive Charles refuses to give his wife Anne a divorce, it drives her and her lover, Peter Marriott, to come up with a more drastic – and gruesome – plan. Read more about The Sound of Murder

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