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Die Dubbele Alibi

TV drama, 1976

Suspense drama written especially for television by Cor Dirks, famous Afrikaans author of youth novel series such as Die Uile and Die Otters. It was the first TV drama shown on South African television, on opening night (5 January 1976). Read more about Die Dubbele Alibi

Poor Bitos

TV series, 1979-1980

TV drama in four parts set in the French countryside in the 1950s. A group of local noblemen set out to humiliate and take revenge on Bitos, an ex-schoolmate who has broken free from his lowly birth to attain a powerful position in the Judiciary. This is done at a wig party where everybody is dressed as famous characters from the French revolution, with Bitos dressed as Robespierre. Read more about Poor Bitos

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