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TV series, 1984-1985

Spy drama. Jack Krynauw is the managing director of a electronics company. He falls in love with a beautiful journalist - but when Hedda starts asking too many questions about his company's arms interests, he becomes suspicious. It turns out that not only is Hedda a KGB agent, but an unknown and dangerous KGB informant has infiltrated the highest levels of the South African government. Soon, they both have a difficult decision to make: will they choose each other, or will patriotic loyalty come between them? Read more about Skoppensboer

Die Rooi Komplot

TV series, 1983

Drama series following a group of students as they willingly or unwittingly become involved in subversive political activities on campus, Francois Beyers, a brilliant post-graduate student in nuclear physics, returns to a South African university campus. He is on a secret mission from the South African security police to infiltrate and destroy an underground political organisation. The organisation is headed by Victor Melck, who uses innocent people, such as the talented Heidi Greyling, to manipulate the students. Read more about Die Rooi Komplot

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