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TV series, 1982-1986

Children's series following the adventures of the Interster crew in their quest to protect Earth from the Krokons. Although the war between Earth and Krokon is officially over, Krokon crown prince Karnati has not given up his dream of destroying Earth and conquering the universe. It is up to Interster, a secret organisation masquerading as an interplanetary transportation company, to keep the prince at bay. It's not an easy task, especially when Karnati is helped by the rich and corrupt Dr. Read more about Interster

Mielie Malie Maantuig

TV series, 1982

Children’s series about oom Jasper and Heini’s adventures on the moon. Uncle Jasper uses the giant mealie growing in his garden to build a spaceship. The craft is launched accidentally and soon uncle Jasper and his assistant, Heini, land on the moon where they meet the beautiful queen of the light side of the moon, Koningin Ligkant, as well Mientjie and Manie, her two helpers. Of course, the moon also has a dark side, and this is where mean Koning Donkerkant and his two henchmen Pik and Swart cook up their evil schemes. Read more about Mielie Malie Maantuig

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