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TV series, 1988

Puppet series about the Kapoene, who lives in Pampoenland (Pumpkin Land), a mischief-making dragon called Droendraak, his two henchmen Tor and Slak, and the clever hero Poenie, who always saves the day. Read more about Droendraak


TV series, 1986

Education series in which Pieriewierie and his friends teach children about all sorts of things, from road rules to fruit and vegetables. Pieriewierie lives in a magic tree in Pieriewieriepark and gets regular visits from Parkie, the park caretaker; Sonja the vegetable seller; Mr. Postman; and the children. There's also Bravo Brak and Crescendo Kat, the glamourous cabaret pair who sing beautiful songs about all sorts of interesting topics. Read more about Pieriewieriepark

Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

TV series, 1984

Puppet series about the Pikkewouters and their quest to find the land where there are no pesky Slakkelange. The location of this far-off land is a secret and can only be solved if you have all three parts of the riddles. The guardians of the riddles are the Koggeljaan, the Spinnelak and the Krokkenoster, and the Pikkewouters set off to visit these three creatures. The adventures of Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn were continued in a sequel called Avonture in Amper-Stamperland (1985). Read more about Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland


TV series, 1983

Action-packed children's series. Secret agent cat Ferdinand van Oranje receives his missions from a voice over his pocket radio. Though we never see his mysterious boss, we can rest assured that he will be there when Ferdie needs help. Ferdie's nemesis is Meesterbrein, who is just as mysterious as Ferdie's boss: all we ever see of the fiend are his two hands. He leaves the real dirty work to his two sidekicks, Rotbeen and Skiergesig, who never miss a chance to make life difficult for Ferdie and his clever assistant, Katinka. Read more about Ferdie

Hey Hooray

TV series, 1982

Short music series about the adventures of four life-sized marionettes: a greedy little man called Grouch, a spoilt princes, the crazy Fumble Feet and Chico the magic doll. Read more about Hey Hooray

Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

TV series, 1982-1983

Children's series about music and musical instruments. The series was broadcast in two parts: In part 1, children learnt how to make instruments with everyday objects such as clothing pegs, cans and fishing line. Viewers could send in their creations to win prizes. Part 2 was broadcast a year later, in 1983, and featured about 600 instruments sent in for the competition. Children also learnt about traditional music and dances, famous composers and talented young musicians. Read more about Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

The Wonderful World of Mr Flippit

TV series, 1982

Series for young children, about the colourful mechanical toys of Townsit Town. These included Mr. Flippit, a barrel-like toy with spinning hair and flashing red nose; Mr. Steamit the locomotive; Mr. Paintit the painter, Mr. Postit the postman; Mr. Cookit with his wonderful cakes; and the clever Mr. Fixit, who has a solution for every problem.  Read more about The Wonderful World of Mr Flippit

Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

TV series, 1982-1990

Clay animation series following the adventures of the little clay man Dr. Kleiman, who uses his vivid animation to let everyday objects come to life to build machines, houses and cars, sew a suit, write letters and bake cakes. The second series was called Die Wonderwêreld van Dr. Kleiman, and showed the misadventures of Dr. Kleiman's two assistants, Dirk and Ted, who often needed to be rescued from their own messes. Read more about Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman


TV series, 1981-1985

The adventures of a little dog named Cheesecake and his good friend Tennessee, the cat from the American South. They often play detective to bring down villaineous theatre cat Reginald who loves wearing costumes and playing nasty tricks. His sidekick is an elegant pink poodle named Madame – though she’s ready to drop his side when too much trouble brews. The series was a co-production between the SABC and the UK’s ITV. While head of production Nick Orchard and puppeteer Mary Edwards were British, the rest of the production team came from South Africa. Read more about Cheesecake


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