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Mof en Mat

TV series, 1988-1994

Children's series about the adventures of Mof the mutt, Mat the cat and their neighbour Boelie the bulldog, or "Boelie die Breker van Brakpan". When their owners aren't there, the three friends get up to lots of mischief. Read more about Mof en Mat

Doffel, Babbel en Bekkie

TV series, 1986

Educational series in which Doffel, Babbel and Bekkie learn about things like shapes, big and small, loud and soft, similarities and differences, going to the dentist and many more. They often get visits (and gifts) from their good friend Tjoefie. Read more about Doffel, Babbel en Bekkie

Pumpkin Patch

TV series, 1987-1996

Children series set in the sunny town of Pumpkin Patch and featuring the mayor, Uncle Bill, Woofles the watchdog, puppet cousins Freckles and Speckles and friendly presenter Laurel. In 1991, Laurel won a trip around the world and had to bid the pumpkin patch farewell. In her place came Claire, who joined the others until the series ended in 1996. Sometimes, among the stories, fun and make-believe, the pumpkin choir would sing a song. Read more about Pumpkin Patch


TV series, 1987-1994

Christian series for children, featuring Bible stories, life lessons and a fantasy character named Zet. The stories were illustrated in real time by artist Ron Berry. The episodes alternated between Afrikaans and English. Read more about Zet!


TV series, 1986-1992

Educational series about the friendly and inquisitive alien Mannemarak, who visits our planet once a week to learn more about the earth and its inhabitants. His mission is to make films for his friends back home, and with the help of his faithful computer Kompie, he learns about what he sees outside his tiny spaceship. Mannemarak is also a hungry little alien, and after his learning sessions here on earth, he quickly sets off again to make sure he doesn't miss supper back home! Read more about Mannemarak

Mina Moo en Kie

TV series, 1987-1991

Puppet series about a friendly cow, Mina Moo, who owns a popular dairy in Klokkiesvlei. Her assistant and deliveryman, Karring Straatkat, may look like an average cat, but he has a useful trick: after just one sip of milk, he turns into superhero Karring Ramkat. With Karring at her side, Mina is able to deliver milk to the locals, especially Kappertjie Crèche, Laerskool Gousblom and Aandblom retirement home – all this despite the best efforts of Bak and Terie, two dirty and sly germs who would do anything for control over Mina Moo’s dairy. Read more about Mina Moo en Kie


TV series, 1982-1986

Children's series following the adventures of the Interster crew in their quest to protect Earth from the Krokons. Although the war between Earth and Krokon is officially over, Krokon crown prince Karnati has not given up his dream of destroying Earth and conquering the universe. It is up to Interster, a secret organisation masquerading as an interplanetary transportation company, to keep the prince at bay. It's not an easy task, especially when Karnati is helped by the rich and corrupt Dr. Read more about Interster

Mulwana La Mmutla

TV series, 1982

Maqiti Mmutla the rabbit owns a film production company. Together with his two friends, Malekelle Mosha the scatterbrained meerkat and Moletsi Nakedi the musical skunk, he makes educational films for children. But despite their serious business, this threesome is everything but dour, and their escapades made the children laugh while they learn. Read more about Mulwana La Mmutla


TV series, 1981-1982

The adventures of the matchstick men from Vuurhoutjieland, told through songs. There’s Buksie, the leader; Hansie Houtskool, the clever one; Frikkie Fosfor, the naive one; self-confident Bella Brand; neurotic Feitjie Vlam; as well as Koos the vegetable man, Dr. Swael with his motorcar, Prof. Kallie Kooltjievuur and the postman. The characters were all made from real matches and matchboxes and the series was filmed using the black theatre method. Read more about Vuurhoutjieland

Stories uit Wolkeland

TV series, 1979

Children’s series about the raindrops from Wolkeland (“Cloud Land”). King Roelof reigns over Wolkeland and his granddaughter princess Rienkie teaches the young raindrops everything they need to know: how to splash and glide, how to refresh the flowers and how to guard against the Droogtedrakies (“little drought dragons”), Moddermaatjies (“mud buddies”) and the grumpy old northern wind. Some of Rienkie’s students are Neusie, a curious little drop who’s always landing himself in trouble; and Kletter and Klatter, two naughty drops who keep on forgetting to water the flowers. Read more about Stories uit Wolkeland


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