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TV series, 1988

Drama series following four members of the South African amry's reconnaissance unit ("reccies"). There's farmer Paul Roux, a former reccie and computer expert; Major Kurt Möller, who leads a group of reccies; Staff Sergeant Ben Davids, his right-hand man; and Corporal Arrie Swiegers, who has joined this group of reccies against his rich father's wishes. Read more about Reccie

Ouens Soos Ons

TV series, 1986

TV series about six South African soldiers who've received the Honoris Crux award for bravery. Each episode told a different story, all based on real events. The series was co-produced by the South African military. Read more about Ouens Soos Ons


TV series, 1978

Military drama following the adventures of a group of journalists from Paratus, the South African military’s glossy magazine. The main characters are commander Hansen, a trained pilot and editor of Paratus; major Martin Heunis, news editor and former professional soldier; reporter Sonica Heysteck; lieutenant-commander Spook Scott, an experienced journalist and now naval reporter; and Andries Malan, a young cameraman who used medical reasons to get out of conscription. Read more about Opdrag

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