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TV series, 1992

Award-winning drama series following the rise and fall of Dolf Groenewald, who grows from poor orphan into supermarket magnate. After his parents' death, young Dolf Groenewald goes to live with the family of Jollyboy Roodt, his father's former partner in crime. Jollyboy has two children: Herman, who becomes Dolf's greatest adversary; and Rika, who is deeply in love with Dolf - though the love of his life is Santie, the girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, just like him. Read more about Konings

Shaka Zulu

TV series, 1986

Bill Faure's epic and controversial series about the legendary Zulu king. The series was produced by the SABC, but in order to get around cultural boycotts against South Africa, the corporation made a deal with American production company Harmony Gold to distribute the series abroad. The SABC even hid their involvement completely in some countries. Despite the controvercy, accusations of apartheid propaganda and many historical inaccuracies, the series became incredibly popular. It was seen by millions across the world, including in America, England and West Germany. Read more about Shaka Zulu


TV series, 1989-1994

Acclaimed drama series following a group of Boers during some critical events in South Arican and Afrikaner history. The first series is  set mainly on St. Helena and follows the fate of the Boer prisoners-of-war of Deadwood Camp. Among them is Sloet Steenkamp, a Cape Rebel who had his death sentence commuted to a life-sentence on St. Helena. But for Sloet, life behind a barbed-wire fence is a fate worse than death, and from the outset he plans to escape and return to his wife and farm. Read more about Arende

Jasper le Feuvre

TV series, 1984

Swashbuckling adventure series about Jasper le Feuvre and his thirst for revenge. Twelve years ago, a rich young man named Jasper le Feuvre was kidnapped and thrown in the hold of a pirate ship. On its way to France, the ship attacked a Dutch ship and shot it to pieces. In the ensuing fight Jasper landed in a lifeboat with the Dutch captain, three lowly sailors and a little girl who had lost her mother in the attack. The lifeboat drifted at sea for 19 days, and Jasper did all he can to save the mortally ill girl. Read more about Jasper le Feuvre

Guillam Woudberg

TV series, 1987

Drama series set towards the end of the 18th century, in the time of the Republic of Graaff-Reinet. Guillam Woudberg, who lives on the frontier, learns that he has just inherited two prize farms in the Cape Boland. There is one condition: that he lives on the farms himself. This doesn't suit him, so he gets around the proviso by marrying a beautiful girl from the Boland, Suzette Davel. This arranged marriage, along with tension between the English government and a group of rebels lead to a lot of action and intrigue. Read more about Guillam Woudberg

Die Mannheim Sage

TV series, 1986

Period drama set in the days of the Witwatersrand gold rush. The series followed the parallel stories of Deborah von Albein, a beautiful and stubborn young woman, and her great-granddaughter Irene. In 1886, Deborah and her mother are forced off the family farm in the Western Cape, to the goldfields of what was fast becoming the new town of Johannesburg. Here Deborah falls in love with a dashing Irishman, Kit Malloy, who has already made his fortune and is one of the most influential men in the Transvaal. But instead, she marries Karel, the weak and spoilt son of mine magnate Kurt Mannheim. Read more about Die Mannheim Sage

Geknelde Land

TV series, 1984

Adaption of F.A. Venter's award-winning novel about a family who joins the Great Trek into South Africa's interior. At the time, the series was one of the biggest and most expensive TV productions the SABC had embarked on and was desribed as "Afrikaans Television's first super series". The story begins during the Sixth Border War in 1834, and follows the Dreyer family of Grensplaas, the clashes between their community and the local Xhosas and the family's decision to leave their farm and join the trek into the South African interior. Read more about Geknelde Land


TV series, 1983

Drama series about a poor family's struggle to survive amid the political and social turmoil of the Second World War. The Watermeyer family live on the farm Leeufontein: mother Henna, her two sons Wim and Janneman and her daughter Pattie, whose husband Hendrik is off at war and has left her alone with their 5-year-old daughter. The Watermeyers are Nationalists, in contrast with Con le Roux, their rich, Smuts-supporting neighbour. Le Roux has managed to exploit others' war-time poverty for his own enrichment and has now set his sights on the Watermeyers' farm. Read more about 1945

Valley of the Vines

TV series, 1982

Series based on Joy Packer’s novel, set on the wine estate Dieu Donne in the Constantia Valley. Young Roxanne’s mother fights for the French Resistance during the Second World War. To keep her daughter safe, she sends her to the old family estate, Dieu Donne. This is then where Roxanne grows up and becomes involved with two men, farm manager Thinus and English journalist Hal. Meanwhile, Granny Con, the aristocratic matriarch of the De Valois family, has to do all she can to save the estate from greedy town developers. Read more about Valley of the Vines


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