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TV series, 1985

Drama series about the doings of a family who lives on the farm Sondaarspoort - and with two mothers-in-law living under the same roof, sparks are sure to fly far and often. Tant Gertruida is as kind and patient as tant Krissie is complaining and trouble-seeking, which make for lots of squibbles. Read more about Sondaarspoort

Die Wel en Weë van Thys Coetzee

TV series, 1985

Light-hearted drama series about an embittered widower who is completely under his mother-in-law's thumb. That is, until his life is turned upside-down by a beautiful widow. Soon, everybody tries to bring these together and Thys finds his heart softening, especially towards his three daughters Estelle, Rita and Aneke. Read more about Die Wel en Weë van Thys Coetzee

Die Hoogste Bod

TV series, 1984-1985

Family drama about a blind multi millionnaire and his estranged children. Bert de Villiers lives with his sister Esther on his farm, Thebes. He has disinherited his daughter Erna, who married against his will, and his son is addicted to drugs. Other characters are dishonest attorney Dolf Roodt and Bert's rich friend, Adele Vorster. Read more about Die Hoogste Bod


TV series, 1983

Drama series about a poor family's struggle to survive amid the political and social turmoil of the Second World War. The Watermeyer family live on the farm Leeufontein: mother Henna, her two sons Wim and Janneman and her daughter Pattie, whose husband Hendrik is off at war and has left her alone with their 5-year-old daughter. The Watermeyers are Nationalists, in contrast with Con le Roux, their rich, Smuts-supporting neighbour. Le Roux has managed to exploit others' war-time poverty for his own enrichment and has now set his sights on the Watermeyers' farm. Read more about 1945

Die Voortreflike Familie Smit

TV series, 1983

Family drama series about three generations of the Smit-Hanekom family. There's grandpa Frans and grandma Nellie Smit their daughter Annie and her husband Jabuz Hanekom; and the four daughters: 21-year-old teacher Petro, bright and pretty Grietjie, and mischievous 8-year-old twins Ella and Sienie. Grandpa Frans is a dreamer with a heart of gold and a great love for his country. In the drought of the 1930s he lost the beautiful family farm. Grandma Nellie is practical, hard-working and keeps her husband and his big schemes grounded. Read more about Die Voortreflike Familie Smit

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