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Orkney Snork Nie

TV series, 1989-1992

Comedy series about the Van Tonder family from Orkney, a small mining town near Klerksdorp. The Van Tonders are dad Hendrik, a shift manager at the local mine; his wife Maggie; Hendrik's father; two teenagers Hess and Wimpie; married son Ouboet, whose two greatest loves are car engines and his ditsy wife Yolanda; and son Bennie, who is a soldier on the border before joining an expedition to Marion Island. In later years, when Oupa wasn't living with them anymore, the family got frequent (though usually unexpectant and disruptive) visits from Maggie's mother, Ouma Gous. Read more about Orkney Snork Nie


TV series, 1989

Family comedy. Bets lives with her mother, Mart, who is determined to find her widowed daughter a new husband; her son Jakkie, a second-year-student at the Rand Afrikaans University; and her 30-year-old daughter Annette, who moves back home on the eve of her third divorce. Jakkie's girlfriend is Marie-Lou van Wyk, who had published her first poetry book as a high school student. She is also vegetarian and gets terribly upset when Tant Mart dares to wear her fur coat. Read more about Oos-Wes

Ntunzini Spa

TV series, 1981

Ntunizini Spa is a haven for those wanting to rest, lose weight, regain their health – or looking for romance. The series follows five staff members of this health resort: Neil, the gym instructor and masseuse that makes women swoon; Gustav Gouws, the no-nonsense resort manager and doctor; hostess and guest liaison Gabby; the somewhat naive receptionist Anita; and Bennie, who is spending the holiday before university starts as a handyman at the spa. Episode were written by different writers, overseen by Kobus Louw. Read more about Ntunzini Spa

Oh George!

TV series, 1981

Family comedy about the residents of the Pueblo Ponderosa apartment block. When George and Eunice Firkel move into their new luxury flat, it’s a dream come true – until they meet the neighbours and discover exactly how thin the walls are. On the one side there’s Jewish couple Manny and Marsha Bloom, loud, interfering and parents of two terrors; on the other there’s Afrikaans couple Tokkie and Renata Muller, Tokkie a beer rep and ex-Springbok rugby player, Renata a doctoral candidate in sociology. Read more about Oh George!

Oom Kaspaas en Nefie

TV series, 1980-1981

The first local Afrikaans animated series, based on T.O. Honiball's comics about Oom Kaspaas' rather fanciful hunting adventures. Young Nefie is an eager listener, even if he doesn't always believe the tall tales. For the TV stories, the original scripts from the 1950s radio series were used. Read more about Oom Kaspaas en Nefie

Ridders van die Grootpad

TV series, 1980-1981

Comedy series about two tramps and their adventures on the streets. Despite their different backgrounds and reasons for being on the street, Attie and Joos decide to throw their lot in together. Attie, clearly used to the finer things in life, is always dressed in his threadbare suit. He’s a smooth talker and very good at getting Joos - not the brightest spark - to do all the hard work. Read more about Ridders van die Grootpad

Die Bosveldwinkel

TV series, 1980

Family comedy series set in the Bushveld, on the banks of the Limpopo River. The local shop – the district’s favourite gathering spot – is owned by oom Hans, who loves to brew mampoer and hunt. His rather timid wife is tant Engeltjie, who insists on accompanying him on his night hunting trips, even though she’s dead set against his illegal activities. Read more about Die Bosveldwinkel

Nommer Asseblief

TV series, 1979-1980

Popular comedy series about the De Waals and their colourful family, friends and rivals in and around a small town in the Overberg. The central characters are tant Kriekie de Waal, a widow who lives on Eendrag farm, and oom Fasie de Waal, her brother-in-law who has survived two wives. Years ago they were sweethearts, but when Fasie returned from fighting in the Second World War, Kriekie had already married his brother. Read more about Nommer Asseblief


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