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TV series, 1984

Light-hearted drama series following the adventures of the refreshment personnel on the long-distance train between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Three of the staff members, Vollie, Boeta and Braam, are university students spending their December holidays on the train. Doep is the boss of the restaurant car, and Kolonie Cloete is the chef who spends his hours crammed into the tiny kitchen with his assistant, Fensham. During their voyages across the Karoo, their lives become entangled with those of the passengers - from beauties and fortune tellers to thieves and diamond smugglers. Read more about Transkaroo


TV series, 1983-1987

Stories from a small town in rural South Africa, as told by town gossip Mietie, who runs the local co-op. Mietie spends a lot of time on the stoep with her two friends, the wise Veldsman and the neurotic and conservative Genis. As they watch the townsfolk go by, they recount their sometimes tragic, often hilarious tales. Other recurring characters are the local pastor and Veldsman's beautiful young wife, Lettie. Read more about Koöperasiestories

Die Ma-Plotters

TV series, 1988-1989

Character comedy about the people of a smallholding somewhere near Johannesburg. "Maplotter" refers to a rather vulgar, common person living on such a plot - and so our Maplotters are colourful characters trying to scrape by on their piece of land. Molly Mitchell is a industrious widow who knows everything about welding and fixing cars, but nothing about fixing a good meal. At his death, her no-good husband left her his smallholding, but also a load of debt. Read more about Die Ma-Plotters


TV series, 1982

Series following the lives and adventures of the Harmonie apartment block’s colourful inhabitants. The characters include caretaker and handyman, oom Snoek; his wife antie Snoek; scheming estate agent Pottie; his wife Anna; his pretty secretary Tillie; cafe owner Frik and his wife Hessie; bank manager Tom and his wife Marié; and mrs. Van Dyk and Tant Kittie, two terrible gossips. Read more about Harmonie

Sebastiaan Senior

TV series, 1978

Comedy drama about Sebastiaan Niemand Sr, a taxi driver who tends to get involved with the joys and sorrows of his clients - with sometimes hilarious, sometimes dangerous results. He’s joined in his adventures by friend and colleague Gerald; Mollie, the owner of the roadhouse where Metro Taxis have their headquarters; his daughter Sysie; and his son Basjan (Sebastiaan Jr). Read more about Sebastiaan Senior

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