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TV series, 1981-1985

The adventures of a little dog named Cheesecake and his good friend Tennessee, the cat from the American South. They often play detective to bring down villaineous theatre cat Reginald who loves wearing costumes and playing nasty tricks. His sidekick is an elegant pink poodle named Madame – though she’s ready to drop his side when too much trouble brews. The series was a co-production between the SABC and the UK’s ITV. While head of production Nick Orchard and puppeteer Mary Edwards were British, the rest of the production team came from South Africa. Read more about Cheesecake


TV series, 1981-1984

Youth drama series. Christo de Wet is a young history teacher in his first post. His unusual teaching methods and youthful nature quickly make him the children’s hero – and land him in trouble with the school principal and more traditional school staff members. The stories focus on the students and how, inspired by Mr. de Wet, they come to face their issues. Read more about Skooldae

Señor Onyon

TV series, 1980

Puppet series about the adventures of a Spanish onion and his friends from the vegetable patch. Señor Onyon’s friends include miss Tomato, Granny Smith, Patch Potato, Señor Lemon, Lowly Cabbage and Creepy Crawly the Earthworm. And don’t forget about the chef, always on the lookout for a Spanish onion for his stew...

Señor Onyon and his friends appeared on TV for the first time in 1977, as part of the children’s series Playhouse. Read more about Señor Onyon

The Adventures of Captain Possible

TV series, 1980

Mystery, imagination and fun with Captain Possible and his young friend Miranda. The captain is a writer and old adventurer who lives in an old fisherman’s hut. His twelve-year-old neighbour Miranda loves to visit him and listen to his tales of voyage and adventure. In their imaginations, the two are then whisked away to exotic places where they meet some interesting –  even dangerous – characters. Read more about The Adventures of Captain Possible


TV series, 1980

Youth series based on the popular Trompie book series by Topsy Smith, about the adventures of Trompie Toerien and his friends Blikkie, Dawie and Rooie. Together they’re known as the “Boksombende”, and their mischief and grand schemes often land them in trouble. They live in Kwaggaberg, a fictional town based on Heidelberg in what is now Gauteng, and the TV-series was shot in Heidelberg and Johannesburg. Read more about Trompie

Bangalory Time

TV series, 1976-1978

Children’s series about Clary, the owner of a little rumble store, and her puppet friends Percy Parrot, Mango Monkey and Alfredo Armadillo. Clary’s aunt is travelling the world and sends postcards from each exotic location she visits. In 1977 Bangalory Time got a new storyteller when Clary left, and Marianne continued to entertain the children and puppets until the series ended in 1978. Read more about Bangalory Time

Professor Lackbrain

TV series, 1979-1980

Children’s series about a silly, scatterbrained professor and his travels to Alphabet Land, where he meets several interesting alphabet characters, including little children disguised as bees in B-Land, and F-Land’s Lord and Lady Flapdoodle and their pots full of alphabet plants. The professor is constantly trying to capture “Common Sense” with a fishnet and a cardboard box, but when he’s finally finds it, he tends to open the box and let it escape.

The series was aimed at teaching 4-7 year-old children about the alphabet. Read more about Professor Lackbrain


TV series, 1978-1983

Puppet series about the inhabitants of Asblikfontein (“Trashcanville”), where discarded objects come to life. The main characters are Oscar, a cheeky but lovable rabbit, and Knersus, the prehistoric pterodactyl with a taste for rabbit meat. Knersus lives in a cave with his three sets of spare teeth, and it's here that he makes his wicked plans to catch Oscar and to annoy the inhabitants of Asblikfontein. Oscar’s friends are knight and inventor Prins Poggenpoel, who went off course during a dragon hunt and was never found; Snorkie the little dragon; and Marietjie the pretty rag doll. Read more about Oscar


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