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Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

TV series, 1982-1990

Clay animation series following the adventures of the little clay man Dr. Kleiman, who uses his vivid animation to let everyday objects come to life to build machines, houses and cars, sew a suit, write letters and bake cakes. The second series was called Die Wonderwêreld van Dr. Kleiman, and showed the misadventures of Dr. Kleiman's two assistants, Dirk and Ted, who often needed to be rescued from their own messes. Read more about Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

Die Swart Kat

TV series, 1986-1995

Youth series about a young boy’s secret crime fighting adventures. Borrie Veldt seems like any other 12-year-old boy. He watches the A-Team, reads comic books and fights with his older sister, Rienie. At night, however, Borrie takes his BMX, slingshot and sister’s black ballet stockings and, disguised as Die Swart Kat (Black Cat), he solves the crimes that baffle his detective father. He always leaves his calling card on the scene in the hope that Die Swart Kat will get recognition for his daring and brilliance. Read more about Die Swart Kat

Mielie Malie Maantuig

TV series, 1982

Children’s series about oom Jasper and Heini’s adventures on the moon. Uncle Jasper uses the giant mealie growing in his garden to build a spaceship. The craft is launched accidentally and soon uncle Jasper and his assistant, Heini, land on the moon where they meet the beautiful queen of the light side of the moon, Koningin Ligkant, as well Mientjie and Manie, her two helpers. Of course, the moon also has a dark side, and this is where mean Koning Donkerkant and his two henchmen Pik and Swart cook up their evil schemes. Read more about Mielie Malie Maantuig

Roep van die Visarend

TV series, 1982

Action-filled youth series, about a game ranger in a private reserve in the Lowveld. His name is Viervoet-Loek Bester, a former mercenary in Rhodesia. His assistant is Modzumi Albasini, who was forced to take the position after being caught poaching. Viervoet-Loek’s son is Kleinloek, who until now has been going to boarding school in the city and barely knows how to hold a gun, soon becomes firm friends with Modzumi’s tomboy daughter, Toeks. Read more about Roep van die Visarend

Motlhalefi Molefe

TV series, 1982

Series about a clever young boy who helps his police serfeant father in the fight against crime. With his bright ideas and clever inventions, Motlhalefi Molefe and his friend Itumeleng often get the bad guys - from bullies and cheaters to jewellery thieves drug smugglers. Read more about Motlhalefi Molefe

Alphonse and Annie

TV series, 1981

Musical comedy series for children, following the adventures of two clowns. Alphonse is conceited and a bit of a bully. Annie, on the other hand, is sweet, innocent and very gullible. The series was aimed at children between 7 and 13 years. Read more about Alphonse and Annie

The Adventures of Mickey

TV series, 1981

Short series about a young boy who lives on a game reserve. The series followed the real-life adventures of 10-year-old Mickey Reilly, whose father Terence was the head game ranger at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary near Mbabane in Swaziland. With his dad, Mickey experienced many adventures, like when they moved animals from one reserve to another, or when Mr. Reilly had to save a colony of rare vultures. We also see the friendship between Mickey and the orphaned Gnu, who was rescued in the veld and would follow Mickey wherever he went. Read more about The Adventures of Mickey

Something Else

TV series, 1981-1982

Series for very young children, in which musician David, his guitar and his ragdoll friend Silly Sue teach about everyday things like the five senses, colours, shapes, clothes, music and more. Read more about Something Else

Justin Imagine

TV series, 1981

Children's series in which Justin Imagine and his friends discover the highlights of science. Justin, Zip, Sue and their other friends use their imaginations to travel through time and space as they learn more about gravity, electomagnetism, the moon and more. They meet some of the most important figures in science, including Sir Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and the mathematicians of ancient Egypt. Read more about Justin Imagine


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