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TV series, 1984-1986

Religious magazine programme for children with music, stories, crafts and more. Presenter Hannalize Nel was joined by the Brok family, the puppets Brokkie, Brêkie, Briljantjie, Brullebak, Broseleintjie and their dog Bruldok.
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Racheltjie de Beer

TV film, 1982

Animated version of the famous Afrikaans story about the heroic Racheltjie de Beer, who sacrificed her own life to save her little brother from the cold. Though the story has been told as a true story for many years, many doubt that Rachel de Beer really existed. Nevertheless, she remains an icon in Afrikaans literature. This adaptation was the first full-length animated TV film in South Africa. Read more about Racheltjie de Beer

Hey Hooray

TV series, 1982

Short music series about the adventures of four life-sized marionettes: a greedy little man called Grouch, a spoilt princes, the crazy Fumble Feet and Chico the magic doll. Read more about Hey Hooray


TV series, 1982

Pre-teen series about different hobbies: what they are, how to get started and how much they can cost. Read more about Hobbies

Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

TV series, 1982-1983

Children's series about music and musical instruments. The series was broadcast in two parts: In part 1, children learnt how to make instruments with everyday objects such as clothing pegs, cans and fishing line. Viewers could send in their creations to win prizes. Part 2 was broadcast a year later, in 1983, and featured about 600 instruments sent in for the competition. Children also learnt about traditional music and dances, famous composers and talented young musicians. Read more about Ateljee Tikkel Tokkel

The Wonderful World of Mr Flippit

TV series, 1982

Series for young children, about the colourful mechanical toys of Townsit Town. These included Mr. Flippit, a barrel-like toy with spinning hair and flashing red nose; Mr. Steamit the locomotive; Mr. Paintit the painter, Mr. Postit the postman; Mr. Cookit with his wonderful cakes; and the clever Mr. Fixit, who has a solution for every problem.  Read more about The Wonderful World of Mr Flippit


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