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The Sound of Murder

TV series, 1982

Mini-series based on William Fairchild’s stage play and specially adapted for television. The story is set in the country house of Charles Norbury, a successful children’s author. When the sadistic and abusive Charles refuses to give his wife Anne a divorce, it drives her and her lover, Peter Marriott, to come up with a more drastic – and gruesome – plan. Read more about The Sound of Murder

Poor Bitos

TV series, 1979-1980

TV drama in four parts set in the French countryside in the 1950s. A group of local noblemen set out to humiliate and take revenge on Bitos, an ex-schoolmate who has broken free from his lowly birth to attain a powerful position in the Judiciary. This is done at a wig party where everybody is dressed as famous characters from the French revolution, with Bitos dressed as Robespierre. Read more about Poor Bitos

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